The Funniest TV News Bloopers of All Time

funniest tv bloopers

As our favorite TV and movie bloopers have shown, some of the most memorable moments are the mistakes that find new life in gag reels. But on live TV, there's no hiding a flub. Over the years, news anchors and reporters have produced a veritable treasure trove of Freudian slips, delayed reactions, and workplace squabbles, all worthy of their own Hall of Fame. Below, the best of the best.

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The "f*cking that chicken" one

FOX anchor Ernie Anastos has enjoyed a long, decorated career. In September 2009, he got the best award of all: internet fame, for mispronouncing the word "plucking."
Best parts: Co-anchor Dari Alexander's reaction and weatherman Nick Gregory's willingness.

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Global News/YouTube

The artichoke-dip-from-Hell one

Once upon a time, for the holidays, Global News' resident rogue chef Leslie Horton tried to make artichoke dip. An orange, some celery salt, and a dash of oregano made things go "terribly wrong."
Best part: The phantom vinegar... that Horton swears isn't in the dish.

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The Sue Simmons one

A 2008 promo for WNBC took a hard left on Crass Street when one anchor saw her partner-in-crime looking at something -- maybe new neckties, maybe Netflix discs -- on the desk's embedded computer. WTF indeed.
Best part: Chuck Scarborough's unwavering focus.

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Bob Parker/YouTube

The bird one

In the early '80s, WABC reporter Mara Wolynski was once caught giving the finger to an off-camera nincompoop. "As Mara Wolynski would say," anchor Roger Grimsby later saved, "we're No. 1!"
Best part: Wolynski's flip-the-bird face.

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Kevin White/YouTube

The weatherman one

C'mon, Chyron Guy!
Best part: Chyron Guy. Chyron Guy forever.

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The Everest one

Action 7 anchorwoman Cynthia Izaguirre famously mixed up "blind" and "gay" when throwing to a report about a certain mountaineer.
Best parts: Izaguirre's dramatic delivery and then the man's reaction.

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Jordan Rosenblum/YouTube

The earthquake one

Tremors are freaky. If you've never experienced one, you might react any number of ways: questions, obscenities, terrifying fun facts -- you name it. Roll the clip to see what I mean.
Best part: "I've been in two -- that's an earthquake."

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Peop Hoofd/YouTube

The grape one

Before she caught the attention of Family Guy, before she became the meme queen of news bloopers, Melissa Sander was just a FOX 5 reporter with a goal: to win a friendly grape-stomping competition at the Chateau Elan Winery and Resort. Then came the cry to "STOP!" The rest, of course, was history.
Best part: The "Y'OUCH!" when the camera finally cuts.

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travis rux/YouTube

The dog one

Longtime Wisconsin meteorologist Charlie Shortino cracks himself up... especially when ribbing anchors about their sex lives. Bad Charlie! Bad!
Best part: The peek.

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The pole one

Kent Molgat boasts decades of experience and scads of distinctions, including the Jack Webster Award for Best Television reporting in British Columbia. He has also Chuck Stormed. He's a Canadian treasure.
Best part: The brilliant strategy employed to make a tight-lipped source change his tune.

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Michael Overbeck/YouTube

The torna-doh one

I imagine this NBC camera operator felt a lot like someone trying to hang a picture on a wall. Move to the right. Nope. Back to the left. Nope. Either that or the most victorious troll.
Best part: The weatherman's controlled rage -- "that's not anything."

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News Be Funny Videos, Bloopers, and Fails/YouTube

The karaoke one

Fast forward to 4:11 for one of the all-time greats: a live shot that wants so badly to be an Ariana Grande "Side to Side" duet.
Best part: The sedated dancing.

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The fight one

In the summer of 2001, Good Day New York's chief reporter Dick Oliver pursued a story about a Chelsea building that was having trouble weathering elevator woes. Unfortunately, anchor Jim Ryan didn't like his former boss' reporting instincts, and the two got in a tiff on air.
Best part: The moment that inspires this Saturday Night Live sketch.

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Kraig Monkman/YouTube

The crystal meth one

This WOWT news anchor's brain did the bad version of a Google autofill when reading #InThe90sIThought tweets.
Best part: The slow, steady delivery of these ripped-from-Twitter zings.

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John Howell Amy Jacobson/YouTube

The trip one

KVOA's Paul Cicala really wanted to catch the Wildcats 2014 PAC-12 tournament title game. With roughly three minutes left till tip-off, he opted to deliver a quick pre-game live shot. "I have to speed-walk about 20 minutes to get inside the MGM Grand," he said, before not speed-walking.
Best part: The commitment, and the almost-missed-it cut away.

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Christian Ziegler/YouTube

The goat one

In 2013, ABC 7's Linda Carson won Jimmy Kimmel's "Excellence In Reporting" award for enduring a cage match with Son, the grumpy goat, at Florida's Manatee County Fair.
Best part: The impact.

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The Anderson Cooper one

A 2011 account of Gérard Depardieu's public urination made for a very pun-ready "RidicuList" script, one that proved too much for Cooper, who developed a truly uncontrollable, contagious case of the giggles. "Sorry, this has actually never happened to me," he said, between laughs. Spoiler alert: The gigs would attack again. And get a great edit.
Best part: The very helpful joke explainers.

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Morris Levy/YouTube

The cop one

Third time's the charm in this slip-up from Fox News' Jane Skinner, who quickly got support from fellow blooper master Shepard Smith. Go 'Cocks!
Best part: Good Shep laugh.

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3 News Now/YouTube

The sandcastle one

Two years ago, KMTV's Mike DiGiacomo played victim to a nasty skunk prank. Last year, he made a phallic tower even more phallic with a Willysphere. What will this hero do next?
Best part: "Huh."

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BBC News/YouTube

The BBC one

Yeah, you know the one. Another unforgettable BBC gem.
Best part: Everything that makes this parody possible.

The pen one

This news reader's pen might hold the secret to "covfefe." "Not my finest hour," she later tweeted. "Myself and my mesmerising pen honourably salute you!" Likewise.
Best part: The gasp.

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News Update/YouTube

The defecation one

A particularly rhythmic phrase made New Zealand journalist and professional giggler Hilary Barry give Cooper a run for his money. The next story, sadly, wasn't as light as she might've liked.
Best part: "Today could be the day... I lose my job."

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The bug one

Technically, this wasn't a live one, but when Isiah Carey was reporting in Arkansas in 1996, he lost his composure because a grasshopper made its way into his mouth. The result? Unfiltered gold.
Best part: That very first mouth noise.

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The long, stabby one

Karl Stefanovic and his team at Australia's best breakfast show are the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls of news bloopers, so renown for their antics they've earned their own subreddit. It's a beautiful place that lets you peruse such highlights as Georgie's buns, the great beard "in her genes" incident, and the even greater duck mishap. Greatest of all, though, is the gang's eloquent home-intruder discussion, which quickly devolved into double-entendre madness.
Best part: Richard, for being worthwhile as hell.

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