The 52 Best Vine Videos Ever

welcome 2 the future delorean hoverboard selfie stick vine

Pour one out for Vine. Earlier today, the microcontent social video app announced it would be discontinuing its mobile app in the coming months. Fortunately, the company is keeping its desktop site online, "because we think it’s important to still be able to watch all the incredible Vines that have been made."

We feel that. To pay tribute to the app that has made us laugh, cry, and say, WTF? all in six seconds, we've rounded up, in no particular order, some of our personal faves. Read on to relive the glory:

The remix to "Ignition"

Yeah, but that backflip tho

The Future is today

Gil finds the road's equivalent of a shooting star

Donald "Iggy" Thornberry

Lisa Simpson shows Springfield good music

And the plot... Snuggles?

In me mum's car

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Vine TV/YouTube

We're halfway there, Spidey

Eric Stonestreet pranks Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Eric Stonestreet pranks Bryan Cranston

Time to cut you off

Gorillaz, with a twist

Lana Del Ride

Twerk, dog

All of Will Sasso's early Arnold Vines, but also this recent one

From trash can jumping and grocery store wrestling to The Thinning

Yeah, do your thang, bruv


The narcoleptic freestyler

FAME comin' at ya

Story time!

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Tables are bastards

Sorry, Krispy Kreme

Pucker up, Trumpy

Give Steve Ballmer some Fergie and get ready for magic

This FBI agent is a SHOW-OFF

Cry Fieri

Supa hot fire

Honesty is key

Pen15 board

Gone fishin'


Technology is great

Good robot

Carly Rae Oops-en

Shout out to all the pear

Nothing beats Diesel

What a spud




Yes, thank you

Bae or nah?

You used to, you used to

Please, Ryan. Please.


Baby, YES

Seals, right?

Treats? Yas!

Fleek alert


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