3 professional outfits for $250 or less

Unless you’re part of a start-up, completely unemployed, or just plain lucky (or all three?), you have to wear work clothes. Business casual clothing can be a pain to buy and match up, so we’ve got you covered for notta lotta dough. Pick any of these three looks and you’re set — for $250 or way less. And then, click through to the rest of the workwear collection to put together an entire wardrobe.

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If you’re going to buy one blazer, make sure it’s versatile, like this gray, skinny-cut jacket. And don’t be afraid to rock a little color, either.

Anthony Humphreys

You really can’t beat khakis and a button-down. Do yourself a favor and try slimmer shirts and pants, and small details like tie bars.

Anthony Humphreys

Be bold. Colors and big patterns are totally at home in an office setting — you just have to like what you’re wearing and wear it with confidence. 

Anthony Humphreys

The biggest advice we can give: buy clothes that fit, and buy clothes that you like. And also, you don't have to spend a fortune to look like a million bucks.

Nick Caruso has worn clothing almost his entire life and would be happy to give you tips about yours. Follow him on Twitter@thenickcaruso. More work clothes you won't have to spend a whole paycheck on, right this way...