Watch These People Freak the F*ck out Over Christmas Presents

Published On 12/23/2016 Published On 12/23/2016
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It's finally time to open some presents. To get you in the ultimate gift-thanking mode, we've combed YouTube to find the site's best Christmas reactions. Perhaps unsurprisingly, a lot of them involve kids receiving video-game consoles and temporarily turning into Donnie from The Wild Thornberrys. Get inspired below, then go be great.


Jumping for joy

This kid is proof that video games are actually a great form of exercise.
The gift: Nintendo Wii
Best part: At 0:26, the older relative who doesn't really understand what's going on, but wants to celebrate too

Mario Mitchell/YouTube


Remember when the Pokémon trading card game first came out? Finding a holographic rare in a booster pack felt like what I imagine it feels like to high-five Jesus, Buddha, or Kobe Bryant. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, roll the clip above and see what happens when this kid unwraps an original Blastoise.
The gift: Pokémon cards
Best part: At 0:32, when non-Blastoise kid tries to steal the show with a holographic Muk -- nice try, bud, but Professor Oak laughs at your holographic Muk

Nicole Glaz/YouTube

RIP eardrums

If you listen to the audio without watching the visuals, it sounds like this girl is watching The Conjuring for the first time. Have Tylenol nearby.
The gift: Computer
Best part: Better shaky cam than Cloverfield

Mr Amer/YouTube

Wait, what year did you want?

Pro tip, parents: New sports games always appear to come out one year early.
The gift: WWE 2K15
Best part: The upset wrestling fan appropriately turning his gift box into a miniature folding chair

Chad Clark/YouTube

Turtle win

Find me something cuter. I dare you.
The gift: Pillow Pet
Best part: Every part

Tre Johns/YouTube

Classic mix-up

Some context from the OP: "Late Christmas night my sister helped me trick my son. We had already opened all our presents that morning, so this was supposed to be an exchange for just my sister and her boyfriend" -- except for one last surprise.
The gift: Xbox One
Best part: At 0:17, that initial gasp, followed by genuine confusion and chaos



We've all been there. Fortunately, this little boy's parents didn't give up that easily.
The gift: Not toys
Best part: The Wii staring up at him like, Sorry, bud. No promises, but I'm gonna try my best not to let you down.

Now That's Funny!/YouTube

The most sacred pieces of paper in the whole world

Everybody deserves to be this happy at least once.
The gift: One Direction tickets
Best part: Imagining her reaction at the actual show

Brittney Colőn/YouTube

New best friend

This guy loves his present so much he needs to smoke a celebratory blunt. 
The gift: What has to be one of the greatest dogs in the history of dogs
Best part: Honestly, one of the greatest dogs in the history of dogs

Steve Harvey/YouTube

Scariest Christmas ever

What's freakier than Krampus, Perchta, and Mike Pence combined? Elf on the Shelf. Fuck Elf on the Shelf.
The gift: Crazy demon elf
Best (or scariest) part: That the one kid is wearing an elf, that the elves are everywhere

Jalani Patterson/YouTube

The YayStation

Never be ashamed to release your inner child.
The gift: PlayStation 3
Best part: This guy taking the Lord's name in vain so many times he probably makes God feel like Lois on Family Guy


The ultimate family gift

Wii Sports. Hardcore dancing. A relative who sounds like a South Park Canadian. This clip has everything you secretly loved about the 2000s.
The gift: Wii Sports
Best part: At 0:13, the look before the scream


The good ol' days

This is the Michael Jordan of Christmas reactions.
The gift: Nintendo 64
Best parts: The synchronized fist pumps, that moment when the box briefly turns into a typewriter (?), and, of course, the slow-mo

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Sean Fitz-Gerald is a staff writer at Thrillist Entertainment, and as someone who once opened the wrong version of NBA Live on Christmas, really feels for that WWE kid. Find him on Twitter @srkfitzgerald.



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