The Hunting Party: Two Wild Days in Vegas at the 'Big Buck Hunter' Championships

Published On 12/22/2017 Published On 12/22/2017
big buck hunter championship rogelio anguiano
Rogelio "RJ" Anguiano at the Big Buck World Championship | Mikayla Whitmore/Thrillist
The reigning Ladies' Tournament champ taking aim at an elk | Mikayla Whitmore/Thrillist
Kylie Hodsdon competing for the Ladies' Championship title | Mikayla Whitmore/Thrillist
Kylie Hodsdon's custom "deer-and-shotguns" denim vest | Mikayla Whitmore/Thrillist
big buck hunter championship rj anguiano
RJ Anguiano, of Seattle, and Sean Chadwick, from Australia, in the championship match | Mikayla Whitmore / Thrillist
Sean Chadwick, left, and RJ Anguiano compete for the title | Mikayla Whitmore / Thrillist
The trophy display at the Big Buck World Championship | Mikayla Whitmore / Thrillist
memorial las vegas
A memorial for Las Vegas shooting victims | Courtesy of Mikayla Whitmore
The 58 white crosses, one for each victim of the massacre | Courtesy of Mikayla Whitmore
grand theft auto
Retail display in an electronics store for the release of "Grand Theft Auto V" in 2013 | Saeed Khan/AFP/Getty Images
Final episode of "Grand Theft Auto Pacifist," a YouTube show created by video editor Jeremy Mattheis | GoldVision/YouTube
big buck hunter kylie hodsdon
Kylie Hodsdon clutching her Ladies' Championship trophy | Mikayla Whitmore / Thrillist
A celebratory scrum moments after RJ Anguiano's win | Mikayla Whitmore/Thrillist
big buck hunter
Decorative deer adorning Big Buck HD Wild cabinets | Mikayla Whitmore/Thrillist