Bill Hader Reveals the Whispered Line That Made Him Break on 'SNL'

Viewers who tuned in to watch Saturday Night Live over the weekend were greeted by a familiar face: Bill Hader, the long-time cast member who's now starring in the HBO show Barry, returned to host the show. Like many former cast members who return as hosts, Hader reprised some of his favorite characters, including the beloved, soft-spoken nightlife recommendation expert Stefon. 

With Stefon's return came another familiar sight: Bill Hader breaking character and cracking up. The inanities were almost enough to make the actor lose it throughout the Weekend Update segment in which he's supposed to suggest St. Paddy's Day hangouts, but the true breaking point arrives when Hader's frequent collaborator, John Mulaney, shows up as Stefon's attorney (and conceptual piss artist) Shy. Mulaney whispers into Stefon's ear, and that sends him over the edge. 

What, pray tell, did Shy say to Stefon? Wonder no more. Hader showed up on Late Night with Seth Myers to reveal to another of his frequent collaborators what Mulaney said:

"My girlfriend works at Yoshinoya Beef Bowl."

You kind of had to be there. 

Hader goes on to describe the genesis of his delightfully insane turn as an older man, Horace, roaming around in a scooter at the exact moment his Cialis kicks in during game night, thoroughly cracking everyone up. It doesn't take a whole lot of imagination to understand why it would be difficult not to laugh in that one, but it's still fun to peek behind the curtain. 

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Wes Rendar is a writer, critic, and SNL fan, but only of the good years.