The 'Black Mirror' Killer Pizza Truck Is Real Now, Thanks to Pizza Hut

pizza hut automatic pizza delivery trucks
Pizza Hut/Twitter/Netflix
Pizza Hut/Twitter/Netflix

Another Black Mirror prediction is coming true sooner than some would like.

Earlier this week, Pizza Hut announced it was teaming with Toyota to work on a self-driving truck that could one day deliver and cook pizzas. (Nice!) The news came as part of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas with concept designs of a boxy, futuristic vehicle dubbed e-Palette. (Nice!!) It looks... a lot like the self-driving pizza truck seen in Black Mirror's new "Crocodile" episode -- the one whose small accident leads to a big killing spree. (Aw, fuck.)

OK, true, the pizza truck in "Crocodile" doesn't exactly cause the murders -- the episode's real killer is cold-blooded for a different reason. But still. Fans of the TV show, and the show itself, were quick to note the poorly timed coincidence:

Pizza Hut responded by referencing the fast food company featured in Black Mirror -- maybe missing the point, maybe claiming its e-Palette would be superior and not bump into people:

All we can say is protect your guinea pigs.

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