Ryan Gosling Is the New Harrison Ford in First 'Blade Runner' Sequel Trailer

Get ready for an onscreen face-off between Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford, if this new Blade Runner 2049 teaser is any indication. Flying into theaters 35 years after the original Blade Runner, this 2049 sequel pits Ford's Deckard against Gosling as the mysteriously named "Officer K." Denis Villeneuve, who helmed this year's excellent sci-fi film Arrival and 2015's Sicario, will direct, with original Blade Runner director Ridley Scott producing.

This new teaser seems to frame Gosling's character as a sort of next-gen Deckard. It starts with Gosling walking across a barren, ruined landscape, over Ford's classic Blade Runner voice-over. He enters a futuristic mansion straight out of Dune or Star Wars, and Ford pulls a gun on him. "I had your job once," the grizzled, aged Deckard mutters. "I was good at it."

"Things were simpler then," Officer K answers calmly before the clip ends, and we get a quick look at Gosling walking the streets of the future.

Blade Runner, of course, is a science fiction film classic. In 1982, Harrison Ford and director Ridley Scott pulled off a dark, noir-y peek at a future filled with crime, corporations, rampant technology, fundamentally bad people, and an artful look at the human condition. Knowing that and knowing Villeneuve's capacity for a terrific twist, there's plenty of reason to get excited for this.

Watch the full teaser above, and mark your calendars for its release on October 6, 2017.

Eric Vilas-Boas is a writer and editor at Thrillist.