Great Blu-ray Box Sets to Gift Your Favorite Film Buff This Holiday Season

Our Blu-ray gift guide features Indiana Jones, Star Trek, James Bond, and more box sets for every kind of fan.

Blu-ray gift guide

Need a cool gift for that significant cinephile or special couch potato in your life? Gift-shopping season is in full throttle, so we scoured the web to find the most extravagant Blu-ray box sets on the market and discovered Hobbits, Vulcans, and vampires—basically everything your dearest nerd would be delighted to receive this holiday. With genres ranging from anime, sci-fi, and horror to superheroes, thrillers, and whiplash-inducing action-adventures, this year’s selection of covetable high-definition collections includes everything from the silver screen’s finest to binge-worthy small-screen classics.

Indiana Jones
Paramount Pictures

Indiana Jones—that name alone evokes so many fond flashbacks for moviegoers: snake pits, face-melting Nazis, monkey brains, a heart-ripping shaman, and yes, even nuked refrigerators. Admit it, John Williams’ iconic theme song is playing in your head right now as all those nostalgic memories swirl in your brain. Your favorite whip-wielding archaeologist just reached his 40-year anniversary, and he’s celebrating the milestone with his big 4K debut. All four films in Steven Spielberg’s beloved quadrilogy are here: Raiders of the Lost Ark, Temple of Doom, The Last Crusade, and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull—and they’re available for the first time in pristine ultra-high definition.

The Evil Dead Groovy Collection
Lionsgate Home Entertainment

Released the very same year as Raiders of the Lost Ark was a gooey little independent flick the great Stephen King once hailed as “the most ferociously original horror film of the year.” That horror gem was The Evil Dead, and not only did it pave the way for Sam Raimi to become one of horror’s most beloved directors, it also introduced us to one of the genre’s most quintessential flawed heroes: the wisecracking, Deadite-slaying Ash Williams, played by national treasure Bruce Campbell. The Evil Dead spawned two sequels (Evil Dead 2 being the most famous), a 2013 remake, and eventually an original three-season series on STARZ that served as a sequel to the original trilogy. Sadly, the third movie (Army of Darkness) and the remake are not included in this set—blame rights issues. While this may not be the definitive Evil Dead collection, it is still a groovy set nonetheless.

Harry Potter collection
Warner Brother Home Entertainment

Can you believe it’s been 20 years since Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe), Ron Weasley (Rupert Grint), and Hermione Granger (Emma Watson) first shipped off to Hogwarts in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone? Time sure flies faster than Harry's Nimbus 2000 broomstick. Now you can sit back, guzzle down some Butterbeer, and relive every single Quidditch match and wizards duel in spectacular 4K resolution with this all-new collector’s edition. All eight movies come loaded with bonus features and they’re housed in a paper board Hogwarts Express train replica. Packed with a total of 17 discs and a 32-page anniversary booklet, this makes a perfect gift for Potterheads.

Karate Kid Trilogy
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

If you know a fan of Netflix’s Emmy-nominated Cobra Kai and you want to gift them with the true origin story of the feud between Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) and Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka), this is the set that will have them crane kicking with joy. Directed by John G. Avildsen (Rocky), The Karate Kid is the coming-of-age classic that started it all and it tells the story of how the bullied LaRusso met his wise and legendary sensei, Mr. Miyagi, played by the late Noriyuki “Pat” Morita, who earned a Best Supporting Actor nomination for his stellar performance. LaRusso and Miyagi’s story continued in The Karate Kid Part II and III, with the latter entry further fleshing out John Kreese, who would go on to become Cobra Kai's central villain. The trilogy makes its 4K debut and all three films come packed with new bonus features including deleted scenes.

Lord of the Rings collection
Warner Brothers Home Entertainment

If there was one Blu-ray set to rule them all, this would be it. Seriously, if you thought Frodo and Sam’s barefoot journey from Hobbiton to Mordor was epic, wait until you see the combined runtime of every single movie and bonus feature jammed in this gargantuan 31-disc set—the immortal elves might not even have time to sit through it all and miss the last ship to Valinor in the process. All six Middle-earth movies are here—but wait, they each come in two forms: You get the theatrical and extended editions of both The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings trilogies and they’re housed in slipcases that transform into stunning multiple display configurations. And as an added gift from Galadriel, you get a 64-page booklet loaded with photography and production notes.

No Time to Die
Universal Pictures Home Entertainment

If you have no idea what to get someone nor time to shop, perhaps you can grab them No Time to Die, the final entry of the Daniel Craig Bondverse. Yes, it was his swan song as agent 007. But if you really want to butter up a devoted Bond fan, this ultra-swanky limited edition that comes with collectible art cards and an official Ashton Martin diecast model with a numbered Letter of Authenticity endorsed by the film’s director should do the trick. Act fast because this set is extremely limited. If it sells out or you don’t have the big bucks to splurge, you can also grab the standard 4K edition of the movie. For you last-minute shoppers, this comes out on December 21, just a few days before the big holiday.

Funimation Studios

The mid 1980s were sure a good time for giant robot cartoons: Voltron, Transformers, GoBots, and of course, Robotech—the anime series about an alien fortress that crash lands on Earth, providing mankind with advanced “Robotechnology.” After using the alien tech to create aircrafts with the ability to transform into battle-ready mechas, a race of extraterrestrial giants, known as Zentraedi, invades the planet to reclaim what’s theirs, sparking a series of cosmic wars. This complete collector’s edition contains all 85 episodes of the beloved series along with an exclusive transforming VF-1S Veritech fighter, a Roy Fokker action figure, and a set of four military-style patches.

Sex and the City
Warner Brothers Home Entertainment

While both Sex and the City movies have been available on Blu-ray for some time, this marks the first time the boundary-breaking series has ever been remastered and released in the format, making it an instant must-have for fans. Now, you can rewatch the promiscuous adventures of Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), Samantha (Kim Catrall), Charlotte (Kristin Davis), and Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) in glorious high definition. Get those cosmopolitans ready and binge-watch all six original seasons (94 episodes total) with over three hours of bonus content. While you’re at it, play the official Sex and the City drinking game. Take a sip each time: Carrie changes an outfit, Samantha hooks up, Miranda rolls her eyes, and Charlotte mentions babies.

Star Trek

Just in time for its 55th anniversary (yes, another anniversary), Star Trek: The Original Seriesone of the most iconic science-fiction sagas of all time—was released on Blu-ray in this highly collectible Steelbook packaging. While there are no brand-new bonus features to report, all 79 episodes are here along with over nine hours of previously released material, such as cast and crew interviews, commentaries, documentaries, and archival materials. If you missed out on the 2016 collection, here’s your chance to get this new 20-disc set that comes with even better packaging that commemorates 55 years of Star Trek. Your Trekkie bestie will surely give you the Vulcan salute if you buy them this classic set.

Warner Brothers Home Entertainment

With its Hardy Boys meets X-Files premise, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) battled paranormal forces and captivated audiences over the course of 15 seasons and 327 episodes, making Supernatural one of the longest-running genre shows of all time. What’s even more astounding is that it succeeded at maintaining its “fresh” Rotten Tomatoes score during its entire run, debuting in 2005 with 87% and bowing out in 2020 with a worthy 93% rating. Now, every single Winchester brothers adventure can be yours in this deluxe set, which also includes a 68-page collectible booklet featuring archival photos and a select discography of the show’s classic rock moments.

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

With her black leather body suit and Matrix-like trench coat, Underworld's main protagonist, Selene (Kate Beckinsale), helped usher in a whole new image for the modern-day vampire and inspired cosplay at conventions for years to follow. Much like the Blade franchise, the action was brought to the forefront and horror took a backseat, and the average vampires in Underworld were no longer portrayed as beehive-haired bloodsuckers or Nosferatu-esque freaks, but sexy and sophisticated, leather-clad night warriors with guns and a complex mythological background. Throw The Matrix and Romeo and Juliet with vampires and werewolves in the mix and you basically get the Underworld franchise. Now fans of the hit vampires-with-guns-versus-Lycans franchise can own all five movies in 4K. The original comes in a theatrical and extended cut and you also get the Underworld: Endless War animated shorts.

Zack Snyder's Justice League
Warner Brothers Home Entertainment

For those hardcore DC Universe fans who were underwhelmed by Joss Whedon’s iteration of the Justice League and much prefer this year’s highly praised Snyder Cut, this is the set for you. This Super Friends-loaded 4K set includes Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (Ultimate Edition), and the aforementioned Zack Snyder’s Justice League—in case you’re wondering, Whedon’s theatrical cut does not taint this set with its Kryptonite. As an added bonus, you also get three illustrated art cards, a print of the Anti-Life Equation, and last but not least, six lenticular cards featuring Wonder Woman, Batman, The Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg, and Superman. This three-pack makes a great gift for your own real-life super friends, and it just might leave them clamoring a certain popular hashtag: “Restore the Snyderverse.”

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