How the Controversial Biopic 'Bohemian Rhapsody' Is Turning Teens Into Queen Fans

Published On 02/26/2019 Published On 02/26/2019
bohemian rhapsody
Alex Bailey/20th Century Fox Film
Alex Bailey/20th Century Fox
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One of the most amazing things for me about @bohemianrhapsodymovie is hearing of so many young people and families going to see the film. And then the ensuing questions from them about Queen, Freddie, his sexuality, the story of AIDS in 80’s. So cool that younger people are finding out about these things as well as the amazing music of @officialqueenmusic - and that includes my own nephews, who are 6 and 8 years old, have seen the film and are now so completely OBSESSED that they made me these belated birthday cards and my very own Lego version of the band! (The card in the background is from my 2 year old niece who hasn’t seen the film - but it’s a beautiful drawing nonetheless!) I love it! (......even though Lego John Deacon is left handed.....don’t tell my nephews 😬 awkward....) #queen #bohemianrhapsodymovie #lego #art #nephews #cute

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Alex Bailey/20th Century Fox