This Is Why You Don't Let Your Girlfriend Shave Your Face

Published On 09/17/2015 Published On 09/17/2015

You know that feeling you get deep in your soul when you scrape your fork against a plate or bite into a lemon as if it was an apple? Who knows why you'd ever do that second one. Regardless, that's exactly how Buzzfeed's newest video showcasing girlfriends shaving their boyfriends' faces will make you feel. 

It's a little hard to watch as blood is literally drawn, but it'll undoubtedly restore your confidence in your own hair-removal abilities. 

As the ladies vigorously scrape and rake their dudes' skin with, no doubt, less-than-ideal razors, we hear exclamations like: "Don't pull across my neck like you're slitting my throat!" and "Did you just slit my throat?!" 

Just goes to show you that everyone could benefit from a few tips on shaving... you know, for those situations in which a website asks you to shave your partner's face on camera.


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Jeremy Glass is news writer for Thrillist and would probably turn down the offer to let his girlfriend shave him--unless it was his chest. 



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