Leonardo DiCaprio Is Planning... a 'Captain Planet' Movie

captain planet and the planeteers

In addition to being a lifelong actor/Pussy Posse member, Leonardo DiCaprio's also the closest thing we have to a real-live Captain Planet thanks to his history of staunch environmental activism. As such, no one should be surprised that he's in talks to produce a feature film based on Captain Planet and the PlaneteersThe power is... his!

Produced by DiCaprio's Appian Way Productions, the new project would purportedly be more of a sequel than a reboot, taking place years after the events of the TV show and following a has-been Captain Planet who gets the teenage ring-wearing band back together for one last (carbon-neutral) ride. Actor Glen Powell (Scream Queens, Everybody Wants Some!!) will reportedly write the script with newcomer Jono Matt.

If the deal goes through, DiCaprio's involvement would likely be limited to producer, so don't expect the Oscar-winner to don the Captain's barely-there red uniform. With any luck, though, the role of Gaia -- the spiritual embodiment of Mother Earth -- will be played by former Vice President Al Gore. It's the obvious choice.

With climate change fresh on everyone's minds, now's the perfect time for a movie about an elemental hero and his attempts to bring pollution down to zero. Here's hoping they retain the Captain's green mullet hairdo and the Heart. Key (to our nostalgic enjoyment of this very odd movie).

Gianni Jaccoma is an editor for Thrillist, and he wants shiny, chrome skin just like the Captain. Follow him to Valhalla on Twitter @gjaccoma.