Cersei Reading Insults From 'The Bachelor' Will Chill You to the Bone

On Game of Thrones, Cersei Lannister is the queen of icy put-downs, particularly when it comes to her fellow Westerosi women. And where else, other than the royal chambers of King's Landing, are you prone to hear ladies tossing off insults like "If you ever call me sister again, I'll have you strangled in your sleep"? Bachelor nation, of course!

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, actress Lena Headey used her intimidating Cersei voice to read insults from The Bachelor, and they sound much more menacing coming from someone staring down the camera while holding a medieval chalice than they do in their normal Love Lab group-date settingWatch and learn, ladies.

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Anna Silman is a staff writer at Thrillist and an alum of Salon and Vulture. Find her on Twitter: @annaesilman.