Red Alert: Chad Vows to Return to 'Bachelor in Paradise' This Summer

chad the bachelorette bachelor in paradise

Holy protein powder, Bach-man. With plans for the next season of Bachelor in Paradise currently in motion, word on the street is the franchise's de facto villain Chad Johnson is readying a comeback.

The Bachtestant everybody loved to hate on the last season of The Bachelorette let slip in an interview with The Tea that he'll be returning to Paradise next summer for Season 4 of the spinoff. If you recall, the neckbearded real estate agent got kicked off BiP before the finals, much to the dismay of his faithfully quoting fans. Now, like Nick Viall before him, he'll get another chance at "love."

Could he wind up with the equally crazy Corinne? Johnson teased The Tea, “It sounds and looks like it’s going to be exciting if that does go down.” We certainly wouldn't disagree.

Unconfirmed as of now, though, is how long he'll last. "I’ve already agreed to do it," he says, "I hope I don’t get kicked off the first night!” Add that to the list of priceless Chad quotes.

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Wes Rendar is a contributing writer and eligible bachelor at Thrillist Entertainment.