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These iTunes Movies Are Only 99 Cents to Rent Right Now

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The Family Fang | Starz
The Family Fang | Starz

Every Tuesday, iTunes picks a $.99 Movie of the Week and slashes the price on a bunch of rentals, too, including a notable indie and documentaries galore. But they're scattered around under various menus. We'll make it easy for you bargain-hunters and run through the new movies up for grabs. So bookmark this page and check back each week!

The big movie of the week:

The Family Fang (2016)
Arrested Development star Jason Bateman's second outing as a director follows a brother and sister (Bateman and Nicole Kidman) who reconnect to track down their missing parents, two performance artists known for their extreme and emotionally scarring pranks. Are they dead or is it a hoax? In true dramedy style, the pair work through their personal issues while solving this familial mystery.

The off-the-radar pick:

The Great Invisible (2014)
Discounted just in time for the release of Mark Wahlberg's Deepwater Horizon, this recent documentary chronicles the events surrounding the aforementioned oil rig, from its explosive demise in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010 to the hearings held to investigate BP's possible negligence. The Great Invisible stitches together interviews and archival footage to understand how the hell something this catastrophic ever went down. 

The documentary smorgasbord:

The Last Gold (2015)
Narrated by Julianna Margulies, this doc explores one of the Olympics' first doping scandals. In 1976, the women's US swim team lost race after race to the East Germans, later revealed to be part of systematic enhancement. Then there was the last race. Full off confessional talking heads and expert research, this is a film that should help ease you out of the last few weeks of Olympics high.

Fastball (2015)
30 for 30 veteran Jonathan Hock puts baseball's linchpin pitch under a microscope to better relay the exhilaration, tension, and fear of stepping up to home plate. A typical fastball lasts about 396 milliseconds. Through motion graphics, high-resolution slow motion, and interviews with major MLB stars, Hock can stretch the play into 90 minutes of gripping drama. Field of Dreams, Bull Durham, and For the Love of the Game star Kevin Costner narrates Fastball, because really, who else is that qualified?

The Last Man on the Moon (2016)
December 14th, 1972, just after 5:30pm EST, astronaut Gene Cernan stepped back into the Apollo 17 lunar module and became the last man to set foot on Earth's ominous satellite. In The Last Man on the Moon, Cernan whisks us back in time to the space race, shading the historic events with stories of pilot camaraderie and the tolls of being one of NASA's top dogs. A must for space buffs.

A Brave Heart: The Lizzie Velasquez Story (2015)
Lizzie Velasquez suffers from a rare syndrome that prevents her from gaining weight. When she discovered a YouTube video dubbing her "The World's Ugliest Woman," Lizzie pushed back -- in a most inspiring fashion.

A Faster Horse (2015)
For car buffs (or newbs who want to speak the language), A Faster Horse charts the 50-year history of the Ford Mustang by scrutinizing the design of the latest model. From the director of the modern doc staple Jiro Dreams of Sushi.

Winnebago Man (2009)
Before YouTube, outtakes of a Winnebago sales video went viral on VHS. This movie delves into how it happened, and how it changed the salesman's life.

the motivation skateboarding streaming
The Motivation LLC

The Motivation (2013)
Eight pro-skateboarders prepare for the Street League Skateboarding Championship in New York City. Cameras roll.

Actress (2014)
A doc on Brandy Burre, best known for playing Theresa D’Agostino on HBO's The Wire -- and barely known for her role as a mother, wife, and regular woman making it in the world. Actress captures her ambition, conflicts, and fragile moments.

Kung Fu Elliot (2014)
Elliot Scott wants to make a low-budget karate epic in order to become Canada's first action hero. Does he?

We Were Here (2011)
A heartbreaking doc examining the AIDS crisis from the perspectives of a counselor, political activist, artist, dancer, and nurse.

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