Netflix Will Drop Surprise 'Cloverfield' Movie Immediately After the Super Bowl

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Paramount Pictures/YouTube

We knew J.J. Abrams had a new installment of his mysterious Cloverfield franchise in the works for this spring. But we didn't know anything about it. Or technically when it was coming out. OK, we didn't know anything -- except that it existed.

Well guess what? The Cloverfield Paradox debuts tonight on Netflix.

In an unprecedented move, the third Cloverfield movie drops immediately following the Super Bowl on the streaming platform. And unlike 10 Cloverfield Lane, the movie is a direct sequel to original 2008 movie, telling the story of how a group of scientists accidentally summoned the monster that wreaked havoc on New York City. Originally titled God's Particle, the movie is based on a buzzy sci-fi script that imagines what would happen if the Earth suddenly disappeared. How much of that story made it into The Cloverfield Paradox?

We'll find out tonight. Because the movie is literally dropping out of nowhere, Beyonce style.

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