Every Movie Poster You Find in a College Dorm

Oren Aks/Thrillist (Edited)
Oren Aks/Thrillist (Edited)

For most people, college is a time of transformation. Maybe in high school you were one person, but now, miles away from home and with a shower caddy in your hand, you are free to create an entirely new identity based on the cool things you like. The easiest way to communicate your superior taste to your peers is to plaster your walls with posters, but not just any posters: movie posters.

Maybe in high school you were the type of person who loved TransformersHarry Potter, High School Musical, and Twilight. That's baby shit now. College is when you step up your poster game with decorations that clearly state, "I am a worldly adult human with discriminating taste." Of course, that's not what most posters actually mean. Let's take a trip down memory lane and figure out what your friends' wall decorations actually reveal.

Pulp Fiction Poster Dorm Room

Pulp Fiction

Who has it: Your roommate who brought a binder full of DVDs to college
What the poster says: "I'm going to talk about 1950s crime cinema for the whole semester."

Reservoir Dogs Movie Poster Dorm Room

Reservoir Dogs

Who has it: The person who thinks it's too obvious to have a Pulp Fiction poster
What the poster says: "Maybe you didn't notice, but I'm actually cool."

The Boondock Saints Dorm Poster
Franchise Pictures

The Boondock Saints

Who has it: The guy who hasn't seen Pulp Fiction
What the poster says: "I've only seen three movies... but this one is badass!"

Fight Club Movie Poster
20th Century Fox

Fight Club

Who has it: Your pseudo-Marxist buddy who lifts weights, listens to System of a Down, and screams at their parents on the phone once a week
What the poster says: "I don't know where to direct my anger."

Animal House Movie Poster
Universal Pictures

Animal House

Who has it: Too many people
What the poster says: "I have a drinking probl-- wait, there's a party tonight?"

Bring it On Poster
Universal Pictures

Bring It On

Who has it: The girl who can't get over high school
What the poster says: "I'm going to drop out and move home soon."

Scarface Movie Poster
Universal Pictures


Who has it: Your wannabe tough-guy RA
What the poster says: "Don't beat me up."

Goodfellas movie poster
Warner Bros. Pictures


Who has it: Your wannabe tough-guy TA
What the poster says: "Seriously,  please don't beat me up."

Breakfast at Tiffany's movie poster
Paramount Pictures

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Who has it: The aesthete down the hall
What the poster says: "This is classy, right?"

Rebel Without A Cause Movie Poster
Warner Bros.

Rebel Without a Cause

Who has it: The self-styled rebel
What the poster says: "I still think James Franco is cool."

The Shawkshank Redemption Movie Poster
Columbia Pictures

The Shawshank Redemption

Who has it: Your most responsible friend
What the poster says: "I watched a lot of TNT growing up. I know drama."

Trainspotting Movie Poster
Miramax Films


Who has it: The girl who keeps inviting you to raves
What the poster says: "I can't wait to study abroad and discover the real me."

The Endless Summer
Monterery Media

The Endless Summer

Who has it: The guy who wants summer to never end, brah
What the poster says: "I am a human beer koozie."

The Dark Knight movie poster
Warner Bros. Pictures

The Dark Knight

Who has it: Your suitemate who dresses up as the Joker every Halloween
What the poster says: "Really though? Why so serious?"

Star Wars: A New Hope movie poster
20th Century Fox

Star Wars

Who has it: The nerd who wants to be seen as the "classic" nerd
What the poster says: "It's not called A New Hope, it's called Star Wars."

Jaws Movie Poster
Universal Pictures


Who has it: The film student who keeps making "director hands"
What the poster says: "Wanna be in my student film?"

The Shining
Warner Bros.

The Shining

Who has it: The girl who really wants to decorate your common area for Halloween
What the poster says: "You don't want to get snowed in with me."

Goldfinger movie poster
United Artists


Who has it: The freshman who grabs an absurd number of condoms at the first floor meeting
What the poster says: "Ready!"

Casablanca movie poster
Warner Bros.


Who has it: Your friend who wears a fedora
What the poster says: "I wasn't made for these times, man."

Friday movie poster
New Line Cinema


Who has it: The friend who always asks you if you wanna get high and watch Friday
What the poster says: "You wanna get high and watch Friday?"

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind movie poster
Focus Features

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Who has it: The quirky romantic
What the poster says: "I'm still processing my high school breakup."

Donnie Darko movie poster
Newmarket Films

Donnie Darko

Who has it: The person who used to work at Hot Topic
What the poster says: "I have so many feelings, but I also love time travel."

Anchorman movie poster
DreamWorks Pictures


Who has it: Your "funny" friend
What the poster says: "I think quoting movies is the same as being funny and... I love lamp?"

Ferris Bueller's Day Off poster
Paramount Pictures

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Who has it: Your friend who always cuts class
What the poster says: "I will never graduate."

Legally Blonde movie poster

Legally Blonde

Who has it: The aspiring law student with the pink frilly pens
What the poster says: "If you mess with me, I will cut you."

Kangaroo Jack movie poster
Warner Bros. Pictures

Kangaroo Jack

Who has it: That guy everyone forgot
What the poster says: "Kangaroo Jack, right?!?! No? OK. Yeah. Me neither. Just kidding. Funny joke, right? Please like me."

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