Which Colleges Do People Right-Swipe Most on Tinder?

Published On 08/26/2015 Published On 08/26/2015

Tindering in the real world can be tough -- yes, that girl was definitely just trying to network; and no, that guy did not live with roommates, they were his parents. It's probably a little less nightmarish when you're all roughly the same age, live near each other, and drink the same shitty keg beer. Which is why college may just be the perfect place for Tinder.

The dating app recently released its list of "Most Right-Swiped" US college campuses on its blog. If for whatever reason the term "right swipe" still eludes you (ugh, Mom), think of it as a ranking of the schools with the most desirable people on Tinder (said desirability, of course, being based on a few images and a line of text about loving pizza, probably).

According to Tinder’s data, girls from Florida State University and guys from Georgetown University are getting right-swiped the most. University of Mississippi made the top 10 for both the most right-swiped girls and guys. The top schools for girls are all public; but for guys, the top schools are private. The company also found that the profiles with the most right swipes all contained bios -- so better get something cute in there like "Don't murder me, please! Lol!"

Here are the top 10 for each:

Campuses with the most right-swiped females:
10. University of Iowa
9. University of Arizona
8. Iowa State University
7. Boise State University
6. Colorado State University
5. University of Alabama
4. University of Colorado Boulder
3. University of Mississippi
2. University of Miami
1. Florida State University

Campuses with the most right-swiped males:
10. University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
9. University of Mississippi
8. University of Virginia
7. Dartmouth College
6. Yale University
5. Air Force Academy
4. Texas Christian University
3. University of Notre Dame
2. Brigham Young University
1. Georgetown University

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