Finally, an activities book for children in their 20s and 30s

You may get a few disapproving looks when you show up to the local middle school book fair in search of some sweet Ferrari posters and Choose Your Own Adventure books, but what do diabetic children know? They probably don't even have that poster of a '94 F50 hung over their couch. Sooo money...Or just pick up Coloring For Grown-Ups, an activity book of hilarious fill-in-the-blanks and adult-themed pictures for coloring. Check out said themes and pictures with hilarity like:Hipster or Hedge Funder?: His briefcase and brogues shout Wall Street, but those mismatched argyles and ironic mustache are bound to leave you befuddled. Gain some leverage and don't sell yourself short as you invest in this time waster! What's That Smell?: It could definitely be bodily fluid, or wait, maybe it's just kombucha... either way, some dude is definitely asleep by it... is he homeless? Should I... should I poke him? Draw/don't draw a poking stick and decide for yourself! There are also tons more non-smell related items to keep you entertained (promise!), like a beer vocabulary (beercabulary!) word find, "name those cats", and a hypothetical "what would you tell yourself now if you could travel back three years ago?", which, obviously, would be to scoop more Ferrari posters since the adventure you chose has you sitting at home doing coloring books.