Why So Serious: How 'The Dark Knight' Alternate Reality Game Changed Fandom Forever

Published On 07/16/2018 Published On 07/16/2018
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Jason Hoffman/Thrillist
The Joker-ized dollar bill | Courtesy of 42 Entertainment
The Dark Knight | Warner Bros.
Heath Ledger as the Joker | Warner Bros.
The studio was looking to shift the conversation away from the debate around Heath Ledger's casting.
"The filmmakers were concerned that the fans were so avid. They didn't want people climbing up on rooftops to take pictures."
An ARG cake with a cell phone hidden inside | Courtesy of 42 Entertainment
Ledger's untimely death changed the game | Warner Brothers
An image from WhySoSerious.com | Courtesy of 42 Entertainment
"When you watch the movie, you already feel like you're a part of that story."
Image from the ARG, with tasks completed | Courtesy of 42 Entertainment