Everything We Know About Netflix's 'Dash & Lily' Season 2

Will we be embarking on any more dares?!

dash and lily
Midori Francis | Netflix
Midori Francis | Netflix

By now, with such an oversaturated market full of formulaic plots, it's rare for any new Christmas movie or series to be really good. In its 2020 holiday slate, though, Netflix managed to release a surprise holiday-themed hit: Dash & Lily, a teen series that has no business being as good as it is, and perfect sentimental fodder for people who have a soft spot for New York City when snow is falling and lights are twinkling. The show, based on the popular YA book Dash & Lily's Book of Dares from Rachel Cohn and David Levithan, follows two teenagers (played by Austin Abrams and Midori Francis) who've never met but correspond via notebook, sending each other on dares throughout NYC at Christmastime, and it won over many hearts with its merry and bright charm and the way it whimsically captures the spirit of the city. 

It was like a holiday miracle when the show arrived in November 2020, and with the show so binge-able, being only eight, 25-ish minute episodes, it's fair to add another season to your next wish list. We're ready to cry more tears of joy at this lovable rom-com, so we're breaking down everything we know about Season 2 of Dash & Lily so far.

dash and lily
Austin Abrams | Netflix

Will there be a Season 2 of Dash & Lily?

Dash & Lily still has yet to be officially confirmed for a second season. But don't turn into a Scrooge just yet: The show hasn't been canceled either. It's very possible that Netflix could still order a Season 2 since there is a sequel (and even a threequel!) to the source material. At this point, it's possible that Netflix is slowly still evaluating what projects it wants to invest in as the pandemic continues to improve and TV and film production picks back up again. 

Given that there's more to work off with the second book in the series, The Twelve Days of Dash & Lily, and that the show was very well-received and popular (having dropped on Netflix at the perfect time to pair nicely with winter weather and hot cocoa), a Season 2 does still seem possible. Plus, the team behind the show is very much on board for more. Showrunner Joe Tracz told TVLine he "would love to be able to go back and do the second book," and would even be happy to produce the third, as well. He said, "I love these characters so much and the city that they live in. Knowing that there is more story to be told, those are stories I'd love to tell." We'd love to see them, too!

When will it be released?

Without an official go-ahead on Season 2, it's just speculation as to when it'll air. Although, if we had to take a wild guess, more Dash & Lily could be sliding down our chimneys around the holidays in 2022. Largely because it's a holiday-themed show, but also given the production schedule. Should the show get renewed soon, writers will need to get back to work before they can start filming. Right now, the show's stars Midori Francis and Austin Abrams are also busy working on their other projects—Francis appearing in the HBO Max original The Sex Lives of College Girls and Abrams back on the set of Euphoria—so they might not be free to shoot more of Dash & Lily until the latter half of 2021. 

Netflix tends to release its popular holiday-themed titles in two-year intervals, like with the 2020 movies The Christmas Chronicles 2 and Princess Switch: Switched Again, which is even more reason to believe Dash & Lily might be doing the same. Santa, if you're reading this: Please make that wish come true. 

Who in the cast will be back? 

Even though nothing is confirmed, it would make sense for just about everybody in the snow globe of Dash & Lily to return. Expect to see more of the titular characters, played by Austin Abrams and Midori Francis, as well as Austin's BFF Boomer (Date Brown), Lily's brother Langston (Troy Iwata), his boyfriend Benny (Diego Guevara), their grandfather Arthur (James Saito), and aunt Mrs. Basil E (Jodi Long). Even though her relationship with Dash is no more, it still seems like Sofia (Keana Marie) will make another appearance, now that she and Boomer are getting closer. 

dash and lily
Austin Abrams and Midori Francis | Netflix

What will Season 2 of Dash & Lily be about? 

Season 1 couldn't have ended with a more quintessential rom-com finale: the two returning to the place where it all started, NYC literary landmark The Strand, where they were stuck overnight, and made all of our Christmas wishes come true by finally getting together. Could anything top them sharing a kiss while fireworks went off outside? Well, if the series continues to follow the books closely, more romance but a little bit more hardship is down the line. The sequel The Twelve Days of Dash & Lily takes place a year after the events of the first book when Lily isn't up to celebrating the Christmas season like she usually does, having coped with her grandfather's health complications earlier in the year. So she doesn't miss out on the NYC holiday experience that she loves so much, Dash and friends take it upon themselves to try and cheer her up.

It seems likely that Season 2 will adapt that directly, but it's unclear whether it'll fill in the year-long gap between books. That could certainly be done with flashbacks, but in some form we'll probably see a depiction of Lily's struggle with depression. It would also be interesting to see what Dash and Lily's romance is like, not only through personal challenges, but when there's no more mistletoe and twinkly lights around. Either way, Season 2 will probably further explore Dash and Lily's own relationship, the sparks that started flying between Sofia and Boomer, and check in on Langston and Benny. 

Even though we wish we could open up that red notebook and kick off a new dare right now, we'll have to wait a bit for more information regarding Season 2 of Dash & Lily to be announced. Continue to check back, though, as we'll keep updating this post as more information become available. 

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