Dave Chappelle Will Host 'Saturday Night Live' This Month

Published On 11/04/2016 Published On 11/04/2016
dave chappelle hosting saturday night live
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Saturday Night Live doubled down on lampooning this year's presidential election, but the arduous journey will end with sweet, sweet relief: comedian Dave Chappelle will host the sketch show for the first time on November 12. Whatever the outcome of Election 2016, we'll at least have the man who once gifted us "Black Bush" back in our lives.

Chappelle has assumed an enigmatic role in the comedy landscape over the last few years. After rising to stardom with the legendary Chappelle's Show -- all streaming on Hulu, if you're unfamiliar and, ahem, not a complete person -- the comedian became a tabloid sensation when he walked away from a $50 million contract halfway through Season 3. Chappelle later returned to stand-up, popping up unannounced in comedy clubs across the country. In zero-bullshit mode -- he didn't deal with hecklers all that well in a 2015 show (that started two hours late) -- Chappelle is comparable to the likes of Kanye in being artfully aware and a titan of his craft. SNL will be his biggest mark on the mainstream in years.

Joining Dave Chappelle will be the heralded rap trio A Tribe Called Quest. A Tribe Called Quest recently opened for Kanye's Yeezus Tour when the road show hit Brooklyn. No surprise -- Chappelle was in attendance. This is a match made in hip-hop heaven.

Chappelle and Tribe will appear on SNL on November 12, following this week's episode hosted by Benedict Cumberbatch and Solange. Could he pull out old favorites? A Prince tribute? Clayton Bigsby, black white supremacist in the age of Trump? We'd probably be fine with an hour-long monologue. Chappelle is back, and it's exactly what we need right now.

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