Dave Chappelle Decapitates a Classic Character in 'Walking Dead' 'SNL' Spoof

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When Dave Chappelle was announced as the host of the first post-election SNL, many wondered what he'd say about our nation's election (and he certainly had words for our President-Elect). But, for fans of the fearless comedian's Comedy Central sketch show, there was a bigger question at play: Would he revive any of his classic characters? Were we going to see Clayton Bigsby? Would Tyrone Biggums drop by? What about Rick James?

Though neither James nor Prince made an appearance last night, Chappelle did bring back some of his beloved characters for a violent Walking Dead parody. The sketch saw the barbed-wire-baseball-bat-wielding Negan, played here by Chappelle, threatening an assortment of characters that included crack-loving Biggums, a now-Trump-supporting Bigsby, the burn-supplying Time Haters, and, of course, Lil Jon, who delivered his classic "What?" Watch the clip above, and relive all your mid-'00s memories of watching Chappelle's Show on a friend's couch. 

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Dan Jackson is a staff writer at Thrillist Entertainment. He's on Twitter @danielvjackson.