All the 'Dead to Me' Questions We Have After That Insane Season 2 Finale

We need answers!

dead to me season 2
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Near the end of Season 2 of Dead to Me, Netflix's dark comedy hit from Liz Feldman, it's looking like Jen (Christina Applegate) and Judy (Linda Cardellini) might get away with everything. The SoCal BFFs who are bound together by tragedy have gone to hell and back — you know, each killing a man, lying about it, and hiding a body — but for the first time in their shit show of a friendship, it seems like things are going to be okay. Jen even went to Detective Ana Perez (Diana Maria Riva) and confessed, yet didn't get charged, and with that burden lifted from her shoulders, she and Judy ride off into the sunset, or their version of it, i.e., they drive through Jen's suburban neighborhood in the car they bought for her teenage son while fantasizing about the "vacay" they want to take together and marveling at the shiny new stop sign that Jen convinced the city council to install.

But then just as Judy praises Jen for all the lives the sign will probably save, someone crashes into their vehicle. We see that the driver of the other car is Steve's twin brother, Ben (James Marsden), and for a few seconds, we don't know whether Jen has survived the accident, until we hear a frazzled mumble of her asking Judy, "What happened?" Judy tells Jen they got hit and Jen says, "Oh, shit," and the two have survived yet another form of trauma.

"Oh, shit," is right, though. The two may have survived the extremely dramatic car crash that closes out the very twisty second season, but they probably won't be able to take their dream trip to Bora Bora any time soon. The Season 2 finale — that car crash in the final minutes included — essentially set up what's in store for Jen and Judy in Season 3, which likely won't be the easy, crime-free life that they're hoping for. Here are a few burning questions Dead to Me left unanswered that will hopefully be answered next season.

Will Ben be charged for crashing into Jen and Judy?

Neither Jen nor Judy seemed to have gotten a glimpse of Ben in their whiplashed daze, but you can safely bet that one of the many road cams in their wealthy, watchdog neighborhood did. Thankfully, neither of them appeared to be severely injured, but Ben could face criminal charges for leaving the scene of the accident and maybe more if he failed to take the bottle we saw on the passenger seat with him. His alcoholism had reared its head throughout the season and seems to have culminated in him driving under the influence after learning that his brother's body had been found.

Whether he faces jail time may depend, though, on if Jen and Judy press charges. On one hand, it seems like they would rather let everything rest. But on the other, with Ben now aware that his brother was killed, it could bode better for them if he was behind bars. The generous sad sack proved to be the "good Wood twin" and doesn't suspect their involvement, but it might not hurt for Jen and Judy to continue to attempt to cover their tracks. At the very least, they may be cutting some sort of deal with him so nobody ends up in prison.

dead to me season 2
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Will Jen and Judy finally get caught? 

To everybody's shock, Agent Perez refused to arrest Jen for killing Steve and hiding his body. At the end of Episode 9, Jen showed up at Perez's house and then in Episode 10 dragged her in the middle of the night to the woods where she and Judy buried Steve earlier in the season -- all the while insisting that it was exclusively her doing even when Perez pestered her about Judy's involvement. After searching for the burial spot and never finding it, on their drive back to Laguna Beach Perez tells Jen that standard procedure would be to take her into the station and get a statement, but understanding that Steve had a history of abuse and feeling sympathetic as someone who lost her mother at a young age, she wanted to send Jen home to her kids and act like none of this ever happened.

It seemed too good to be true… because it was. Later, a hiker's dog is shown sniffing out where Steve was buried, indicated by the nearby tree carving that Judy left. It's also revealed that the authorities know it's Steve, since they called Ben to let him know they found the body, which is what sent him on that ill-fated bender. They'll have to find prints on the body, but if they do, with the incriminating evidence mounting up against Jen and Judy -- like the photos of Jen's son Charlie (Sam McCarthy) driving Steve's car before it was torched in the middle of nowhere, and even Charlie's own suspicions -- it doesn't look to great for them. Agent Perez could potentially defend them, although that might damage her own career, or the three of them could hatch a plan that places blame elsewhere, like on Steve's connection to the Greek mafia. Jen and Judy have certainly gotten off before, but they also haven't had this many fingers pointed at them yet either. 

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What about that money-laundering scheme? 

One of the reasons Jen and Judy were sitting so pretty at the end of Season 2 was some of the money Judy helped Steve launder came in clutch for the two of them. With everything seemingly behind them, Judy took the cash out of their hiding spot in her paintings and they purchased Charlie the car he had been hoping for, paid off Jen's mother-in-law (Valerie Mahaffey) who she owed for down payments on her home, and were in talks of taking that vacay. 

Judy told the authorities about Steve's scheme all the way back in Season 1 to get him arrested (before Jen offed him, obviously), and at the end of Season 2, she found concrete evidence in the form of a flash drive that proved he was connected to the Greek mafia. It also happened to connect the police's own Chief Hastings (Jere Burns) to the illegal activity, which Judy and Agent Nick Prager (Brandon Scott) learned when she brought him the drive and they played a recording featuring the chief's voice.

In addition to Jen and Judy's accident with Ben, this little mob-involved mix-up seems like it'll take center stage next season. The conflict has been in the background for much of the show, largely because in Season 1 Jen and Steve were more focused on covering up Ted's death and Season 2 dealt with covering up Steve's death, but it's always been festering like it's been waiting for one more thing to go wrong.

Since Jen and Judy spent some of that sweet cash themselves, this could be another piece of evidence used against them now that Steve's body has been unearthed -- or it could prove to be a scapegoat for his murder. Two well-off, middle-aged white ladies murdering a career criminal? Or some of his former mob associates with their scheme fell through? It seems like the SoCal justice system and everybody's favorite toxic best friends will definitely have some thoughts about that on the next season of Dead to Me.

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