This 'Friday Night Lights' Parody Is Perfect and You Should Watch It Immediately

draftsville: a friday night lights parody on nbc sports
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You probably need a pick-me-up after week two of fantasy football. Starting any Bengals has proven to be a bad idea. Same with drafting David Johnson or Danny Woodhead. And Le'Veon Who? It's weird out here in these fantasy streets. Fortunately, we have the salve you need -- and it's instantly gratifying.

Earlier this month NBC Sports and The Kicker unspooled a Friday Night Lights parody that changes everything high school football to fantasy football. Get ready to say goodbye to Dillon, Texas, and hello to Draftsville, a town where the Rotoworld podcast is the only thing on the radio and the people obsess over starting lineups like small-town gossip:

Instead of Coach Taylor, you'll root for Coach Stanton, a class act who's fighting to win his high-stakes league for the second year in a row. The problem is he's made some poor drafting decisions, everyone around him is letting him know it, and if he loses, he and his family have to get the hell out of dodge. (If he wins, he gets the same $8 trophy as last year.) Lots on the line. 

If there's any fantasy sleeper this year, it's Draftsville. The webseries is a fun and easy watch, with the clips clocking in at 6 minutes or less. Saturday Night Live veteran Darrell Hammond plays a Buddy Garrity-esque booster named Denny. And Ryan Farrell, the actor behind Stanton, boasts a pitch-perfect Coach T, complete with the pensive glances, motivational speeches, and shades you know and love. The only downsides here are 1) it's only three episodes total, the last of which goes online this Thursday, and 2) it's so accurate it'll remind you how much you miss the Panthers.

As much as Draftsville pokes fun at FNL, it also ribs the people in your league who take things waaaaaay too seriously. Eric Taylor wasn't perfect, but like some sort of football Rambo, he had a moral code, and it was endlessly entertaining to see it tested. Same with this coach. You'll lose it as Stanton spends an entire episode wrestling over whether he should hack his opponent. Or as he weighs the pros and cons of starting Cam Newton.

"Win or lose, we must remember that playing fantasy is a privilege," Stanton says. "It is in this time and moment that allows us to look inside ourselves and to proudly say, 'This week, I beat my friends, my coworkers, some strangers on the internet, and for some reason that has made me feel good!'"

Don't sleep on this pick.

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