You Must Hear The Rock Belt His 'Moana' Disney Song

Moana, Walt Disney Animation's 56th feature film, is one of the studio's most vibrant adventures to date. The movie follows the title character, the intrepid heir to a Polynesian tribe's throne, as she staves off an island famine by returning a talisman to an angered god on the other side of the ocean. Along the way, she teams up with Maui, a brawny demigod voiced by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Together they fight off pirates, navigate the sea, and, thanks to Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, sing songs.

Yes, you read that correctly: The Rock belts a Disney tune. And yeah, he's good.

To prove that the former WWE champion can do pretty much anything, Disney has released his full number, "You're Welcome." Like most of Miranda's songwriting, the introduction to Maui is a total earworm, infectious enough that Disney's giving it away just as Hollywood starts putting Oscars on the brain. Not only did The Rock lend his vocals to Moana's digital characters, if award voters take to his infectious song, it's possible we'll see him singing and dancing on the Academy Awards next February. Then we'll know what he's really made of.

Along with the full music video, Disney also released behind-the-scenes material of The Rock recording his track with Miranda.

 So how long until he joins the cast of Hamilton?

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