Editors' Picks: Summertime Wedding Essentials


It's happening. All of your friends are getting married — even your Facebook friends, and you're invited to 90 percent of the weddings. You contemplate, "just what the hell do guys wear to summer weddings, anyway?", before realizing that we've got you entirely covered. With our picks you'll look a million bucks without breaking the bank, and you'll be fully prepared for any and all nuptial-affiliated activities. Check out our selection as well as the complete wedding weekend collection after the jump. (You will have to buy a congrats card all on your own, though.)

Anthony Humphreys

1. Goodale Tan Blazer  2. Goodale Tan Dress Pant  3. Crosby & Ross Midwood Necktie  4. Of All Threads Leather Weekender 

See how it all fits together? Nothing will look as great in the summer sun as a light jacket and slacks with some extra color thrown in — let the less stylish dudes sweat themselves to death in some lame black suit.

Don't sweat the heat — lighten up.
Don't blow it, blue it!
Can't go wrong with a blue oxford.
Separate quarters for clothes and shoes.
Your legs want to look dashing, too.
Great texture, killer color.
Anthony Humphreys

1. EDGE by WD.NY Skinny Sharkskin Blazer and Pants  2. Goodale Rutledge Pink Oxford Shirt

Just because you're not up front and hoping you don't pass out when your spouse-to-be says "I do" doesn't mean you can't dress to impress. Have fun with your wedding clothes — it's summertime (and a freaking wedding), after all.

Classic, with a little spunk.
Cool gray is just as slick as black.
White is too predictable.
Keep your pants on during the Macarena.
It's the details, guys.
Suit up for summer success.
Anthony Humphreys

Of All Threads Leather Tool Bag Weekender

Although you've done three sets of eight pushups to prep for the garter throw, relax. You won't need any help finding love — or at least a dance — when you're sporting these new duds.

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