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Matt Damon may have passed Bourne off to his short successor, but that doesn't mean his action movie days are over. The Damon is back this summer in Elysium, a sci-fi movie from the dudes behind District 9 that looks pretty kickass. Once you've taken in those two minutes of trailer glory, read up on an amazing new smartphone and test the hipster baby name generator.Check out Matt Damon's new sci-fi blockbuster, which looks pretty awesomeThis high school baseball team has a really weird hazing ritualTry out the hipster baby name generator12 art masterpieces made with toastLiving the M life: The ultimate Vegas experienceThis is the smartphone to beatInside New Jersey's wackiest, weirdest gingerbread cottageWatch the trailer for Fast and Furious 6 recut with RC carsGoogle the great and powerful reveals what it's like to use Google GlassWatching this? You might be cable companies' worst nightmareAnd now, behold the glory of the 100-pound chocolate bar: