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Earlier this week, Michael Bay said he was sorry for subjecting us to the "I Don't Want to Miss A Thing" music video late 90s space epic Armageddon. While basically everyone agreed there was no apology necessary, Mikey's done plenty of other stuff that warrants a "sorry, man". Check out the top five things he should apologize for, and then enjoy some JR Smith celebration GIFs or a one minute recap of everything that happened at Coachella.5 things that Michael Bay should actually apologize forSome evil genius blended soccer and golf to create a sport called footeeThe season's best new golf clubsEverything that happened at Coachella in 60 secondsThe best of JR Smith's celebration GIFsWhataburger is about to launch "fancy ketchup" in grocery stores8 bar bets that will score you a free drinkWatch Paul Rudd's incredibly geeky '90s Nintendo commercialShopping online is likely to get a little more expensiveHere's what London and New York would look like as one cityAnd now here's Game of Thrones, in the style of Friends: