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Look, we know the pre-summer movie releases are always a little rough, but that Tyler Perry movie is the last straw. We want Iron Man 3/Star Trek Into Darkness/Man of Steel, and we want 'em now. Check out even more movies that need to take our money ASAP, and then read up on baseball players to watch and Dave Chapelle's possible comeback.20 movies that need to be released nowThe MLB players you should know about this seasonExpert advice: Be your own trainerThe 18 absolute worst parts of being hungoverIs Dave Chapelle about to make a huge comeback?Top 10 surf spots to visit around the worldIs a possible Nissan GT-R hybrid edition in our future?The greatest rockumentaries of all timeGame of Thrones fans set torrenting world recordCar review: 2013 Kia Rio5 SXAnd here's Bob Costas quoting Ludacris: