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Photo: lobshots If you're still regretting what you said to that Tim Tebow apologist on Saturday night, cheer up. Your shame is nothing compared to what the owners of the tattoos below must be feeling. Cringe and marvel at their choices of ink, then watch some new Grand Theft Auto V trailers and punch a pillow over all the movies Netflix just deleted. 47 cringeworthy tattoos being regretted as we speakThe most coveted craft beer releases in America7 craziest parties in the world Time to get angry: This and nearly 2,000 other movies just disappeared from Netflix Restoring a classic car on a budget 7 flasks you need to ace the Kentucky Derby party at home or in Louisville Watch an espresso machine make crazy music Rockstar Games overdoses us with three awesome trailers for Grand Theft Auto V Sports conspiracy theories that are totally true Nevada legalizes another way to lose money without your pants on Are you guilty of texting while walking? Don't worry about actually looking where you're going -- just get a seeing eye person:

James Bond Goldfinger
Grand Theft Auto V