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Get ready to feel like a lame old dinosaur (one of the plant-eating ones) because you're about to find out how old Beavis and Butthead really are. Plus the South Park boys. Plus the Powerpuff Girls. Some evil masterminds compiled a list of the actual ages of our favorite 'toon characters, and it is distressing to say the least. After you've had your harsh brush with reality, calm down with a list of sweet road trips and one kid's killer impression of Bill Murray.The actual ages of TV's most popular cartoon characters50 drives to take before you dieHow to train for and run an ultra marathonArrested Development's almost here, so check out George Sr.'s prison highlightsThis kid's impression of Bill Murray is spot onMust-have gadgets for the officeHere's the crew of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 filming a scene in New YorkWatch a new trailer for Call of Duty: GhostsThis cowboy did not bring the right shoes to the showdownKen Jeong makes weird faces and other awesome moments from the Hangover 3 premiereAnd now, here's the second installment of Jimmy Kimmel's The Baby Bachelor: