Best of the Web: Editors Weekly Picks

You've probably found yourself craving a Big Kahuna burger on more than one occasion, and have totally lost count of the number of times you needed the Ghostbusters in your life. That's why we've got a round-up of fictional businesses we desperately wish were real right here. Blame Hollywood for not willing these companies into existence now, and then plan the ultimate Ireland roadtrip or read snippets of another incredible 'Ye interview.19 fictional companies you wish were real"I am the nucleus" and other amazing things Kanye said in a new interviewEssential grooming tips from a French barberJohn Oliver took over The Daily Show last night and things got awkwardThe most insanely extravagant homes for rent this SummerFirst drive: 2014 Lexus ISThe ultimate Ireland roadtrip, in photosSupercars doing flips 'n other cool stuffThe TSA tried to take away Chewbacca's lightsaberHeckler turns stand-up show into an episode of MauryAnd now, check out a new trailer for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug: