Best of the Web: Editors Weekly Picks

If you thought that pink teddy bar crime lord from Toy Story 3 was the most evil guy in Buzz Lightyear's universe, guess again. Some childhood ruiner put together a terrifying mash-up of Woody in Grand Theft Auto mode and, well, let's just say you'll never hear Randy Newman the same way again. See the vid right here, then get a look inside Australian surf culture and educate yourself on the texts you should never send a lady. Toy Story meets Grand Theft Auto in amazingly amazing videoSo apparently we've been eating milk and cookies wrong our entire livesTexts that no man should ever send to a woman The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are the first band to perform atop the Empire State Building 6 legendary instances of comedians shutting down hecklers A look inside the surf culture of the Gold Coast, Queensland Some of your favorite Game of Thrones scenes, created in LEGO You really need to watch this 1994 interview with Steve Jobs App of the week: XCOM Enemy Unknown Musicians under 25 that you should be listening to right this second And now Barack Obama sings Daft Punk: