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Want the superiority complex that comes with watching documentaries, but don't actually want to spend 90 minutes listening to Al Gore? Well you're in luck, 'cause the Internet has unearthed a very brief, very cool "hopumentary" on something near and dear to your heart: craft beer. Watch it right here, then marvel at the most 'murican photos ever taken and find out about that time The Dream pushed a girl off a boat.Craft beer: A hopumentaryThe 35 most American photos ever takenLast minute packing essentials for menThe Fat Jew interviews The Dream, discovers he once pushed an obese girl off a boat20 things I learned at my first music festivalHome exercises that will get you cut7 "ethnic" foods that aren't ethnic at allComing soon: A moviegoer's guide to JuneYour Starbucks tips are not going where you think30 movie and TV subtitles that are no help whatsoeverAnd now, a compilation of terrible things happening to movie characters in phone booths: