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As JJ Abrams gets ready to further desecrate or restore the legacy of Star Wars, depending on your feelings towards Lost (or his early screenwriting masterpiece, Regarding Henry), awesome artist Timothy Anderson decided to pay tribute to the original trilogy with a series of Skywalker- and Solo-starring pulp novel covers. Check them out right here, and then, once you've stopped drooling over Leia, find out how to best savor whiskey this season or laugh over Mitch Hedberg's recently unearthed comedy journals.The original Star Wars trilogy reimagined as '60s pulp novelsHow to enjoy whiskey during the heat of SummerWhat did you think would happen when you put your iPhone battery in the microwave?The Dollar Shave Club guys are back with magical butt wipesHow does the 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport AWD 2.0T drive?The founder of Napster had a Game of Thrones weddingApartment watching in SpainThe NBA Finals animation that's (almost) better than real lifeTwitter co-founder scales a bridge to make an epic VineMitch Hedberg's comedy notebooks hit the webAnd now, here's a redband trailer for College Humor's first ever movie:

Dollar Shave Club