Behind-the-Scenes Footage Shows Elon Musk Awe-Struck by Falcon Heavy Rocket Launch

SpaceX launched the Falcon Heavy Rocket -- the world's most powerful operational rocket -- on Tuesday. It was a milestone event with major implications for the future of transporting cargo into space, commercial flights into orbit, and ultimately moving toward a manned mission to Mars. 

If you were curious what SpaceX founder Elon Musk was thinking as the company successfully launched the rocket, you can now see how it went down. National Geographic has released exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of Musk's reaction to the launch.

The first words out of his mouth are, appropriately, "Holy flying fuck."

After take-off at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida, Musk is seen running outside to get a glimpse of the Falcon Heavy with his own eyes.

Prior to the launch, Musk managed high expectations. He said if it blew up, he hoped it'd happen far enough from the launch pad to avoid damage. "It'll be a real huge downer if it blows up," Musk said.

Instead of exploding, the rocket made it to space, and two of the rocket's three engine cores successfully landed back at the launch pad. The rocket also successfully carried its payload -- a Tesla Roadster -- into space.

His reaction was full of wonder and awe, as it should be.

h/t Daily Dot

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