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All 24 Olympic Mascots, Ranked by Creepiness

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Not all Olympic mascots are created equal. Judging from the plush, furry exterior of this year's mascot, which has been making headlines recently, the creatures chosen to represent the Olympic Games tend to be friendly, docile creatures that celebrate values like teamwork, dedication, and perseverance. Some mascots do their jobs effectively. But not all: some mascots are just creepy as hell. 

The first Olympic mascot was introduced in 1968, meaning the Olympic mascot has been a feature of the Games for almost 50 years. To celebrate this long legacy of unsettling character design, we've gone ahead and ranked the following mascots from least creepy to OH MY GOD LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU, IT'S GOT A KNIFE. Proceed with caution. 

24. Quatchi and Miga (Vancouver 2010)

This cutesy pair is in no way creepy. In fact, the sasquatch and sea bear look downright trustworthy, and they're wearing appropriate winter clothing, to boot.

23. The Leopard, the Hare, and the Polar Bear (Sochi 2014)

Why does one Winter Olympics need three mascots? Especially with such basic names? And while the intent behind the Leopard's utility belt remains tantalizingly unclear, the creep-factor vibes this trio gives off are minimal.

22. Waldi (Munich 1972)

This multicolored dachshund looks a little like Blue from Blue's Clues. It's fine.

21. Powder, Copper, and Coal (Salt Lake City 2002)

Three's a trend, and Powder (the hare), Copper (the coyote), and Coal (the bear) know it. Nothing to see here. Move along. 

20. Hodori (Seoul 1988)

This vaguely Tony-ish tiger mascot is wearing a traditional Korean hat called the sangmo. It looks like if you make him mad, he will whip you with the ribbon attached to his hat, but that probably says creepier things about us than Hodori.

19. Vučko (Sarajevo 1984)

Not only does this cat looks like he might hang out with Felix the Cat, a famous cartoon cat who cannot be trusted, its name rhymes with "Fucko." And yet the creepiest thing about him, at least in the photo above, is that he's standing dangerously close to that John 3:16 guy with the rainbow-colored wig.

18. Roni (Lake Placid 1980)

Raccoons lurk in the dark and eat garbage. No matter how friendly they are drawn, raccoons will always be creepy. Sorry.

17. Sam (Los Angeles 1984)

Looks like he's related to Eagle Man from local Chicago television ads, which means the creepiest thing he'll probably do is try to sell you insurance.

16. Vinicius (Rio 2016)

Vinicius is a mix of various Brazilian animals, which is inherently a creepy concept, especially since there's something vaguely humanoid about this guy. Did The Island of Dr. Moreau teach us nothing?

15. Amik (Montreal 1976)

This small black beaver looks like it's up to no good, and the above photo confirms it. But with no arms or legs, how harmful can this turd-like mascot be?

14. Beibei, Jingjing, Huanhuan, Yingying, and Nini (Beijing 2008)

These mascots represent the five natural elements, but they also represent the five nightmares I will have after staring at this image. Stay away, demons.

13. Magique (Albertville 1992)

Human mascots are unsettling. Just reading the description of this little guy provided on the official Olympics website -- "a little imp in the shape of a star and a cube" -- makes me want to crawl out of my skin.

12. Cobi (Barcelona 1992)

The suit this dog wears make it look like a rejected Dilbert character.

11. Hakon and Kristin (Lillehammer 1994)

Cool. Two scary children!

10. Misha (Moscow 1980)

Why does this bear need a belt? He has no pants. Terrifying.

9. Schneemann (Innsbruck 1976)

This snowman is scarier than the one Michael Keaton played in Jack Frost.

8. Izzy (Atlanta 1996)

From the Olympics site: "Izzy is an unusual mascot in that he is not an animal, nor a human figure, nor an object." Izzy is also the only mascot to feast on human souls.

7. Syd, Olly, and Millie (Sydney 2000)

These three mascots look like bullies. Apparently, their motto was, "How much do you lift?"

6. Phevos and Athena (Athens 2004)

This brother-sister duo resemble dolls. They also resemble the doting caretakers of a hell dimension.

5. Neve and Gliz (Turin 2006)

A sentient snowball and ice cube with no regard for human life. They smile to keep from screaming.

4. Hidy and Howdy (Calgary 1988)

Fun fact: these cute polar bears have murdered multiple drifters.

3. Wenlock (London 2012)

The eye on Wenlock's head is meant to resemble the lens of a camera. A great idea: remind children of the omnipresence of the surveillance state.

2. Sukki, Nokki, Lekki, and Tsukki (Nagano 1998)

You may recognize these owls from your nightmares.

1. Schuss (Grenoble 1968)

The first Olympic mascot is also the creepiest. What is this little dot on one ski? Where is he going? How did he get here? There are no answers; only mysteries.

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