New Study Reveals Every State's Favorite TV Show

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Even in the age of "peak TV," where we're beset with dozens more streaming series than there are hours in the day, our viewing habits are hopelessly predictable. A new survey from has broken down favorite shows by state across the US. The findings prove that we love to see our own reality reflected onscreen.

Take a closer look at the infographic below (click the image below to expand), and you'll notice a ton of home state pride. For example, the Albuquerque-set Breaking Bad is New Mexico's top pick, California favors the regional spoofs of Silicon Valley, DC can't get enough of Scandal, Maryland is wrapped up in the Baltimore of The Wire, and New Jersey remains loyal to The Sopranos.

tv shows watched in every state
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How, exactly, did those Cable TV sleuths determine that the state of Maine is obsessed with Stranger Things? With a grain of salt. Like the site's previous study of states' favorite reality-TV shows, their research cross-checked IMDb's top 200 most popular TV shows with Google Trends data to determine the most popular programs per capita. Somehow, the massively popular Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead didn't make the cut, but shows sharing names with cities (Dexter, Nashville, Hannibal, Gotham, Quantico, SV) stand out, as do oddballs like Cold Feet and Tyrant. The majority of the picks are available on network TV or streaming on Netflix.

Whether or not you share your state's preferences, one thing is for sure: our country watches a hell of a lot of TV.

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