All the Best Parts of the Wild New 'F9' Trailer

The 'F9' trailer has it all: Vin Diesel explodes some stuff, Han returns, Helen Mirren spins a muscle car, the boys maybe head to space, etc., etc., etc.

As far as we're concerned, summer 2021 doesn't start until F9 comes out (currently scheduled, after many delays, for June 25), and barring any more worldwide incidents, we're getting closer every day to the movie's release. The first official trailer, which came out a lifetime ago in January 2020, gave us a fan favorite character's surprise return (cool) and a car swinging around a cliff attached to a disintegrating bridge (VERY cool), but the second trailer, released today, has so much more going on.

In this movie, Dom and Letty get the family together to save the world from Dom's evil brother (John Cena in the villain role his entire wrestling career prepared him for) who has teamed up with terrifying hacker Cipher (Charlize Theron), the escaped villain from The Fate of the Furious. In other words, it's going to be the best movie of all time, and we've compiled the very best moments from the new trailer to prove it. 

f9 tokyo drift
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The Tokyo Drift boys popping open some cold ones

It wouldn't be a Fast & Furious movie without a barbecue for the whole familia (featuring Coronas, naturally), and because F9 is getting the band back together—the WHOLE band—they've invited some familiar faces along for the ride. In the trailer, there's a very quick shot of Bow Wow, Jason Tobin, and Lucas Black clinking bottles, back together again for the first time since The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. No, YOU'RE getting misty-eyed. 

f9 paul walker
Universal Pictures

Paul Walker's cameo

Speaking of misty-eyed, this franchise never forgets where it came from, and always finds a way to fittingly remember Paul Walker, who had been with the series since the very beginning playing Dom's brother-in-arms Brian O'Conner until his death in the middle of filming Furious 7

f9 han
Universal Pictures

Han's badass return

Universal finally gave the #JusticeforHan movement its due, bringing back a fan favorite character who was unceremoniously and unfairly killed off in the middle of the series. Expert drifter Han (Sung Kang) is back, reintroduced to the series by casually sniping a bunch of bad guys from a rooftop. We cheered. 

f9 ramsey
Universal Pictures

Ramsey can't drive

Megan Ramsey (Nathalie Emmanuel), a very capable hacker, has been with the franchise since Furious 7, but never in the driver's seat. Now we know why: She never learned how! It's honestly a very funny gag to have a member of the Fast Fam who can't drive at all. 

f9 helen mirren
Universal Pictures

Helen Mirren spinning a purple muscle car

Yes, Helen Mirren is in these movies!! If you recall, she plays Magdalene Shaw, the no-nonsense mother of villain Owen (Luke Evans) and villain-turned-hero Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham). As it turns out, she's handy behind a wheel, too. Is there anything Helen Mirren can't do??

f9 magnets
Universal Pictures


At last, Dom and his buddies have added giant magnets to their arsenal of tricks, and are using them to throw cars through buildings and toss people out of trucks and stuff. I mean, what else are you gonna use magnets for??

f9 dom
Universal Pictures

Dom stopping missiles with a car-tank-train thing

If you've always wanted to watch Vin Diesel drive an enormous armored train towards a bunch of missiles and use the train to explode the missiles and leap out of the cab right as it explodes while saying, "Not today," we have some great news for you. 

f9 space
Universal Pictures

Ludacris and Tyrese Gibson in astronaut suits

The Fast series has been toying with the idea of sending Dom's crew to space for a few years now, and every time someone asks about it they hedge. Are they finally going to do it? Is this why they attached a rocket engine to a car and dropped it out of a plane with Tej and Roman inside wearing what appear to be airtight pressure suits? Are they just toying with our hopes and dreams again or does someone in these movies have a secret space station and the Fast movies are about to get their Moonraker moment? What's going on here? 

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