Here's What $17 Million Worth of 'Fast 8' Hot Rod Cars Looks Like

Published On 06/14/2016 Published On 06/14/2016

Sleek, stylish cars are three-fourths of the Fast & Furious equation. If one of Vin Diesel's sequels doesn't have the latest in 12-cylinder luxury vehicle wonder, then it won't have the NOS to cross the finished line. We know it, Diesel knows it, and every Fast & Furious crew member knows it. With Fast 8 currently shooting in Cuba and Iceland, the franchise's top dogs felt the time was right to remind us: they will be delivering an arsenal of cars in 2017. Never doubt.

In a Facebook Live video, Fast 8 vehicle coordinator Dennis McCarthy walks fans through the garage housing each one of the blockbuster's picture cars -- a collection worth over $17 million. We see a McLaren 675LT, Firebrids, a gold-plated Chevys, a handful of Lamborghinis, and even catch a glimpse of a Nissan IDX concept car, worth $2 million on its own. Basically, MANY CARS. Actress Michelle Rodriguez injects some giddiness into the tour. Rodriguez may be the star of Fast 8, but she's absolutely ecstatic to be around these roadsters. For those doing the math, that palpable excitement is the last fourth of the Fast & Furious equation.

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