Watch a Football Player Casually Demolish a Fan for Streaking on the Field

It's hard to say what the upside is of streaking on a football field. You might get a few seconds of glory as the crowd cheers you on. You might appear on ESPN. But in the immediate future, there is no good outcome, and best-case scenario, you're escorted off the field by annoyed security personnel. 

Worst case scenario, the above happens.

This hit of the century happened during a CFL game between the BC Lions and Montreal Alouettes. A streaking fan seemed to be having a pretty great time flapping his arms and strutting like a large and dumb bird, and no one was particularly phased by it. But just when it seemed like he might tire himself out and wander away, BC Lions defensive back Marcell Young absolutely demolished him. 

But what makes this clip so incredible is how casual Young is about it. There seems to be no anger involved at all. He just decides to break the guy in half on a whim.

Here it is from another angle:

Let this be a lesson: Do not do this.

h/t Deadspin

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