The Fate of a Whole Galaxy Rests on One Person in This Exclusive 'Foundation' Clip

Things are heating up in the Apple TV+ series.

Apple TV+

Apple TV+ continues to kill it when it comes to fantastic science fiction TV series, and its adaptation of Isaac Asimov's Foundation, overseen by David S. Goyer, is full of surprises, the perfect way to adapt the classic sci-fi fable of a failing galactic empire, a space opera of truly epic proportions. Now that it's been officially renewed for a second season, there's no better time than now to catch up if you haven't started watching yet—and in case you need one more incentive, we have an exclusive clip from the next episode, dropping Friday.

Things aren't looking good for the Foundation, the collective of human engineers, scientists, and philosophers established by Hari Seldon on a far-off planet at the edge of the galaxy. The colony on the planet Terminus is being menaced by a ship full of soldiers from Anacreon, who want revenge on the Empire for the neutron bombing of their planet as revenge for the destruction of the Empire's enormous space elevator. Salvor Hardin (Leah Harvey), Terminus' Warden, has failed to protect the citizens of her city and is on the run, trying to figure out a way to fight off the Anacreon threat.

In the clip, she and her lover Hugo (Daniel MacPherson) have a spirited argument about their next steps, and Hardin is paralyzed by the fear of making a wrong step and dooming the Foundation forever. In Asimov's book, mastermind Hari Seldon predicted a number of crises that would hit the Foundation in the coming decades after its formation, and, depending on how the citizens of the Foundation handle them, their decisions would set the course for the Foundation's—and the entire galaxy's—future.

"'An entire galaxy can pivot around the actions of an individual,'" Hardin says, quoting Seldon's explanation of why it's easier to predict the movements of large groups of people, rather than one single person. Hardin has found herself right in the middle of the Foundation's first crisis, and it's up to her to save everything she's ever lived for.

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