5 Crazy Videos That Will Blow Your Mind in Less Than 30 Seconds

antelope hits bike rider

There are days, and then there are days when you want nothing other than the sweet dopamine rush of a crazy YouTube video to distract you from your troubles. 

We're here to help. These videos, all less than 30 seconds, will rapidly expand your consciousness in such a way as to create the illusion of an explosion in your brain. That's right: They will blow your mind. 

Bike racing in South Africa offers incredible scenery and the rare chance to collide with an antelope. 

"Greatest" and "all time" appear more frequently than they ought to on YouTube, but in this case, they're appropriate. 

Not sure how this guy learned this trick. Not sure we want to know, either. 

Just when you think a seagull catching a ride is the only crazy thing that happens, BOOM. 

File this octopus escape under "nightmare fodder." 

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