20 of the Most Ridiculous Vanity Plates on the Road

Published On 06/18/2015 Published On 06/18/2015

When you're driving down the highway on your way to work... or from work... or running away from work, it's nice to have something to give you the occasional chuckle other than the repeated phone calls from your boss asking where the hell you are. Some drivers take it upon themselves to express their senses of humor through their license plates (aka vanity plates), and the results are often deviously clever. Or they insult your mom. It's a mixed bag.

Here are 20 of the more intriguing, confusing, and otherwise hilarious vanity plates from all over.

Clearly compensating for something

The Soup Nazi has become very bitter

This person's therapist has weird ideas about self-acknowledgment

"I have to tell you my vanity plate text? Well, I'm kinda hungry..."

This person is very cool. TEN YEARS AGO... or something.

Admirable effort. But tow truck drivers are not, in fact, license plate-obeying automatons.


Go ahead, publicize your hatred of Scandinavian nations on the license plate of your... VOLVO?!?!

Oh. I guess that's Neal's car? That guy's Okay.

"Please check the back of my car for updates on my sex life"

The owner of this Mercedes has a generous dad and a warped sense of fair compensation

Clearly enraged by the wait time at the DMV. Yeah. That's totally it. I'm not ugly.

The cleverest way to cover up the fact that the driver had no idea "ETALLIC" isn't a word

Because "IM MORE RESPONSIBLE THAN U" wouldn't fit. And because the letter K is cool.

Almost definitely belongs to Mike Ditka

Honestly pretty surprised that the registry let this one slide

Fort... what? Fort Sinfer? I'm not familiar with that place. Someone Google this.

This guy's responsible for so many punches. Even more than older brothers on birthdays.

Should've signed a pre-prenup

This is the end. The vanity plate game can end now. Everybody go home.

Adam Lapetina is the partnerships editor at Thrillist, and wonders if anyone has ever gotten a “modesty plate.” Read his musings at @adamlapetina.



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