The Only 'Game of Thrones' Drinking Game You Will Ever Need

HBO Game of Thrones

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We're just a couple weeks in, and the sixth season of Game of Thrones is already full of surprises. Yet there's still plenty of episode twists to predict, as well as familiar plot points and visual cues, like the requisite number of bare boobs, sword fights, and dead characters' quick comebacks.

When it comes to drinking your way through all those ongoing storylines, why should Tyrion have all the fun? To make sure you're paying attention -- and staying hydrated -- we brewed up a drinking game to deepen your investment in each episode. If you follow our prompts below, you'll surely be on the Lannisters' level in no time.

Remember, friends: drink responsibly! Feel free to sub mead or wine with water.

HBO Game of Thrones

Take a sip every time...

  • A boob appears
  • A sword fight erupts
  • Someone says, "Winter is coming"
  • Someone says, "A Lannister always pays his debts"
  • Someone says, "For the night is dark and full of terrors"
  • Someone dies
  • A new character you've never heard of shows up to assert dominance
  • Margaery screams, "I'm the queen!"
  • Tyrion insults someone's intelligence
  • Varys drops some hot gossip
  • Arya defies an order
  • A character pours half a bottle of wine into a chalice
  • A character gives a rousing speech (that you later find quoted the books)
  • The Sparrows shame someone (SHAME! SHAME!)
  • Someone has sex with a blood relative (SHAME! SHAME!)
TYrion HBO Game of Thrones

Take two sips when...

  • Bran wargs into someone (or something)
  • Bran greensees his dad's past like a creep
  • The Three-Eyed Raven shows Bran how it's done
  • Podrick mopes
  • Theon experiences a deer-in-headlights moment
  • Someone name-checks Lyanna Stark or Joanna Lannister
  • Littlefinger tells a white lie that alters the entire political landscape
  • A White Walker gives someone brain freeze
  • A direwolf chomps someone's head off
  • A dragon chomps someone's head off
  • A character shares a deeply personal story with an unlikely confidant
  • Someone's attacked in the woods because the episode really needed an action scene
  • Brienne reminds us about the oath she swore to Catelyn
Tyrion HBO Game of Thrones

Take three sips when...

  • Ramsay performs an irredeemable act
  • Melisandre magics her way out of a sticky situation
  • Bran's storyline makes sense
  • Daenerys rides one of her dragons like she's a biker in Sons of Anarchy
  • Arya receives a compliment from one of the Faceless
  • A khal compliments a woman
  • A Stark admits to being a Stark
  • "The Rains of Castamere" chimes in on the soundtrack
  • Any of the Night's Watch leave the Wall
  • Any previously deceased character other than Jon Snow rises from the grave
  • Anyone smiles. Like even a little bit.
Game of Thrones HBO

Finish your drink if...

  • A giant shows the wildlings how it's done
  • Jon Snow dies... again
  • The Night's King drops the microphone on Westeros
  • Someone actually dies from greyscale instead of just complaining about it
  • Both bride and groom survive a wedding
  • You can't name the character on screen


Finish your drink and chug another if...

  • Someone's declared the winner of the throne game

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Kristin Hunt is a freelance writer for Thrillist, and would love to gossip with Olenna Tyrell over some Westeros wine. Follow her: @kristin_hunt