This article contains spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 6 and speculation about the "The Winds of Winter" episode, which airs Sunday, June 26, at 9 p.m. EST. The following images from the finale have all been released officially by HBO.

With tonight's season-ender bearing down on us like the Mountain Who Rides, Game of Thrones has set itself up nicely for multiple plot points to deliver shock and awe. If you're like me, you've spent the past week sifting through the rubble of "Battle of the Bastards" as well as other online clues in a vain attempt to decode how various scenarios will play out. And looky-here! Just in time for the big episode, we have a whole batch of seemingly indecipherable new photos to gawk at. Let's get a-gawking!


Cersei preps for her trial

The beleaguered Lannister is out of options. In the preview trailer for the episode, the High Sparrow intones, over shots of Cersei and Margaery and Tommen, getting ready in their chambers, "Are you ready to stand trial, and profess your guilt or innocence before the Seven?"  Cersei most certainly is ready. Check out that dress, which looks more like body armor than the frilly threads she usually wears. What strange polymer is it constructed from? Could it be fire-retardant? That might come in handy if her plan involves having Qyburn ignite the secret stash of the explosive green liquid known as wildfire that lies under the city.


High Sparrow, low Loras

But don't forget about Ser Loras Tyrell -- he's on trial, too, remember? Margaery has hinted that she's merely playing along by pretending to embrace the Faith of the Seven, and cutting a deal to spare her brother's life may be why. Given how she warned Olenna to leave King's Landing, there's likely something up her sleeve. But what if there's also something up the High Sparrow's sleeve? Like, literally: is he hiding something up his sleeve in this photo?


Angle on: the High Sparrow

The judgmental septon is looking high and mighty here indeed, as the peanut gallery looks on with inscrutible interest. Look, there's Mace Tyrell! And hello, Kevan Lannister! And, oh, our pal Margaery! Not pictured: Olenna. Also, that's a pretty huge statue there in the background. Hopefully there won't be any explosions or anything. If that thing fell, even someone as massive as the Mountain might get squashed.


Bran's just chillin'

And he's back, a few episodes after his undead Uncle Benjen killed a rabbit and made Bran drink its blood for sustenance. What's the Stark lad going to be up to in the finale? A return to the Tower of Joy is all but confirmed to happen this episode, so we know he'll be time-travelling via greensight again. But will we finally get to see what awaits young Ned Stark and Howland Reed inside the perversely named tower? Will we finally get that pesky R + L = J rumor confirmed? And what's Meera Reed's role in all of this, anyway?


Jaime and Bronn horse around

Last week, the Lannisters and the Freys (plus Bronn!) teamed up to capture the Tully ancestral home of Riverrun. And by teamed-up, I mean, the Freys proved to be entirely useless while Jaime brokered ruthlessly with Edmure Tully. So where the devil are Jaime and Bronn trotting off to now? It seems they're heading north to the Twins, to suffer through the braggadocio and double-speak of the old goat Walder Frey.


Walder mansplains something

Jaime shares a drink with Lord Frey. But to what end? Jaime likely made a deal with Edmure to have his wife and newborn child delivered to him wherever Edmure is going to be held prisoner. Something tells me that Walder isn't going to agree to that willingly. Something also tells me that Walder will take offense to some perceived slight, and that Jaime will have to deal with it.


Jaime raises a glass

See that face? That's the face of someone who wants to eradicate a certain House from the face of the planet. If only Jaime had a massive, well-funded and nicely armored army at his disposal...


Davos wants Melisandre to burn

Last episode, Davos discovered that Shireen had been burned at the stake. He might as well be taking shits in this photo if he's not accusing Melisandre of doing the deed. But what will Jon and Sansa decide to do with the Red Witch once he's pled his case?


Dany and Tyrion talk it out

Now that she has the ships, three nearly fully grown dragons, and three armies at her disposal (the Dothraki, will she finally set sail for Westeros to reclaim her birthright? In the trailer, she seems to be struggling with the idea. But that's where her trusty advisor Tyrion will come in. You can almost bet the farm that, by episode's end, they'll start their journey west. The bigger question is what they'll find when they get there. 

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