New 'Game of Thrones' Trailer Delivers One Shock After Another

Bless the Old Gods, there's a new trailer for Game of Thrones season six. And one that actually features footage from the upcoming season, instead of just trolling Jon Snow truthers (although there’s some of that too!)

A few things you'll see in the new trailer: rampaging Dothraki hordes, vengeful Cersei, mopey Jorah, blind Arya, disheveled Daenerys, a post-pubescent Bran hanging out with a White Walker (welcome back from your tree fort, Bran!), and plenty of beheadings, sword fights, lesbian makeouts, Lannister makeouts, and, the coup de grâce: Jon Snow's corpse lying in the foreground as Davos seemingly prepares to dice up his direwolf. Ah! Is it April 24th yet?

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Anna Silman is a staff writer at Thrillist Entertainment and a Stannis Baratheon supporter til the end. Find her on Twitter: @annaesilman.