Jon and Dany's 'Game of Thrones' Sex Scene Was Even Weirder Than Expected

daenerys and jon snow sex scene game of thrones season 7
This post contains major spoilers for all seasons of Game of Thrones, including the current Season 7. Visit our "Beyond the Wall" hub for more Thrones recaps, theories, and spoilers.

Aunts and their nephews have a special bond, but not this special. If you were anything like the rest of Game of Thrones fans and spent most of Season 7 pining for the destined-yet-illicit consummation of Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen's obvious attraction to each other, the season finale, "The Dragon and the Wolf," granted your wish. At the expense of some uncomfortable realities regarding their blood ties

Still, with White Walkers bearing down on everyone, and Lannister siblings Jaime and Cersei clearly having little regard for the incest taboo, social norms tend to relax -- especially since Jon and Dany don't even know they're related when they have sex in the Game of Thrones scene everyone is talking and theorizing about. Here's what you need to know.

game of thrones jon snow daenerys sex scene

If you haven't been paying attention, there's a long history explaining how Jon Snow, who was raised as Ned Stark's bastard, is actually the rightful heir to the Targaryen throne. This makes the entire "Jonaerys" fandom a little... odd. But on a ship sailing to fight an army of the undead, it gets lonely, and neither Jon nor Dany had any reason to suspect they're anything more than just two physically attractive royals leading armies in a fight to save humanity. Early on, Jon and Daenerys engaged in the kind of fiery flirting that would make even the undead Viserion tremble. ("You're not like everyone else," Jon whispers as Dany passes him the skull of a baby dragon -- hot.) When they returned to their cabins victorious, there was no stopping the burning desires. Nothing is more of a turn-on than the prospect of near-certain death. 

For the viewer, the sight of Jon Snow's bare ass lost all its erotic magic thanks to Bran, who happens to have looked in on the history of their shared relatives and narrated it to Samwell Tarly at the exact moment Jon and Dany were partaking in activities typically banned at most non-Lannister family get-togethers. Then there's Tyrion, who soaked up the situation in a nearby hallway. Which, while making us wonder if he's jealous, concerned about the politics of the hook-up, or just a voyeur at heart, is pretty much what the rest of the internet did, too. The reactions blew up instantly:

People had confused feelings...

Others embraced the awkwardness...

Jon clearly was looking for it... 

But even stranger than a nephew having sex with his aunt: Tyrion's creepy hallway shot...

Then there were people who just went to town.

At the end of the day, incest isn't all that strange in the Game of Thrones universe. Maybe this will wind up convincing Cersei that she has more in common with her enemies than she suspects? Or will Jon be able to break the witch's word, impregnate Dany, and spawn The Prince Who Was Promised a.k.a. the reincarnated Azor Azhai? Or maybe Bran will just keep acting like a total weirdo and only talking about Jon's true heritage whenever he and Dany are hooking up behind closed doors.

For the sake of the living, we can only hope round two is a little less of an eyebrow-raiser than the Season 7 finale's strangest moment.

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