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'Game of Thrones' Theories That Could Still Happen in Season 7

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This article contains possible spoilers for upcoming plotlines on HBO's Game of Thrones. They might not be true! But they could be! To read more of our obsessive coverage of Game of Thrones, visit Beyond the Wall.

The rumor mill about what will go down in Game of Thrones Season 7 started churning before filming began on it last year. In our never-ending quest to figure out how the show will end and sleuth our still-burning Thrones questions, we watched and re-watched the show's return, scoured fan sites, Reddit threads, and Gendry's old sleep journals, and brought back the most compelling and still-active theories and gossip about the new season. If you know what's good, you'll forget the bloody gods, and listen to what I'm telling you now.

Daenerys will visit the Dragonpit

She's landed at Dragonstone already. But according to little birds informing Watchers on the Wall, the Mother of Dragons will be encroaching further into Westeros soon and visit the Dragonpit, located on top of a hill in King's Landing. The Dragonpit was essentially the kennel for Targaryen dragons, at least until the civil war known as the "Dance of the Dragons"; that's when thousands of smallfolk attacked the pit, killed the dragons housed inside, and torched the building. What would this mean for Season 7? It would confirm that Daenerys has made it to King's Landing, which means that she and Cersei will likely have, at the very least, an extremely tense verbal disagreement.

A dragon lives under Winterfell

This one is possibly more than a little crazy, but some fans have long been believed that a dragon lives far down in the Stark castle crypts. This rumor, born out of George R. R. Martin's books, arose because Winterfell is built on a hot spring, and dragons are associated with hot springs (naturally?). And considering that Jon Snow is confirmed to be part Targaryen, part Stark, that’s basically his very special dragon.

Euron and Cersei will get married (which might need to update its site name to stay current) has a long theory breaking down how and why Euron Greyjoy and Cersei Lannister will unite their clans in a fight against Daenerys and her allies. Euron had already predicted that he would marry the Mother of Dragons, but seeing how Khaleesi has teamed up with Yara, Theon, and the other rebel Greyjoys, that ain’t happening. Cersei spurned Euron's proposal in the premiere, but will his quest to bring her a gift lead to wedding bells, perhaps with Ed Sheeran singing "Here Comes the Bride"?

Euron will use magic to control the dragons

On Reddit, there is basically an entire PhD seminar exploring the idea of Greater Magic on GOT -- that is, magic that's more powerful than the everyday magic practiced by wargs, pyromancers, and others. For the TL/DR crowd, it makes a really interesting case that Euron will use this Greater Magic to defeat essentially everyone. Now, the catch is that the theorizing Redditor is mostly citing the books, but we can take some of these ideas to work for the show as well.

The biggest of all of these is Euron's Dragonbinder horn, which is allegedly a magical horn that binds a dragon to the will of the owner of that horn. We haven't seen it on the show, but Euron has it in the books. Will he be able to blow said horn during a battle with Daenerys and take control of her dragons (or, at least, one of them)? Would this result in some dragon on dragon warfare and allow the theoretical Euron/Cersei empire to even the odds against Daenerys and crew? Who is willing to pay the iron price? Also, what is the iron price for a carton of eggs?

Tormund is Lyanna's father

This rumor has been going around for a long while now, on message boards (since 2013!) but also on Basically, it works like this: Tormund Giantsbane bragged in "The Watchers on the Wall" about actually doing sex with a she-bear. Lyanna Mormont's clan resides on Bear Island, and her mom was known as "the She-Bear." Tormund could have been telling a half-truth story to the fellas, but maybe he actually slept with Lyanna's mom? And if so, does that mean he's somehow head of House Mormont, too? I'm confused. Maybe the North remembers.

Gendry is coming back... to be king?

The actor Joe Dempsie was spotted at the Belfast airport around the same time many of the actors were arriving in Northern Ireland to begin filming. He also turned up at the Season 7 premiere and confirmed that he'll be back. Of course, this could all be a misdirect, but if not, it would signal the first time since the rowboat scene at the end of the third season that we hear from the show's only true living Baratheon heir, which gives him a decent claim to the throne. Also, he’s the heir to the Baratheon castle. Also also, Ser Davos, one of the few people who actually knows Gendry has royal blood, is an advisor to Jon Snow and could vouch for him.

The White Walkers win

Many, many publications and sites and threads have a theory that the White Walkers will win in the end, because they believe George R.R. Martin’s long game point of the entire series is to showcase how silly and small men’s disputes and quests for power are in comparison to the larger issues with nature. Or a version of nature that is frozen undead people who want to murder you. Beware the Ides of the Kyoto Protocol!!!

The White Walkers don't win, but it’s sad

Another theory that first popped up on Reddit suggests that possibly Euron or someone else will find a way to "end magic." Meaning the White Walkers and all their wights end up dying, but in exchange Jon Snow dies again, Bran loses his powers, Dany's dragons die, and the Faceless Men are stuck in the faces they were born in and have to refer to themselves with normal grammatical considerations. Considering how GoT trades you success for sadness pretty equally, this theory feels like it has legs.

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